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Mobile Phones - Older / Retro Models

Listed by manufacturer then model. Descriptions were written at launch date.

 3 Skypephone

3 Skypephone (2007)

A lightweight and inexpensive 3G phone with integrated Skype.

 3 Skypephone S2

3 Skypephone S2 (2008)

Second generation Skype mobile from 3.

 Acer DX900

Acer DX900 (E-TEN Glofiish DX900)

Long-awaited dual-SIM Windows smartphone.

 Apple iPhone

Apple iPhone (2007)

One of the most anticipated phones.. ever.

 Apple iPhone on O2 UK

Apple iPhone (O2 UK) (2007)

The UK version of the iPhone, exclusive to O2.

 Apple iPhone 3G

Apple iPhone 3G (2008)

This second generation iPhone adds 3.5G and GPS.

 B&O Serene

Bang and Olufsen Serene (2005)

Stylish, unusual and expensive.



Exclusive and expensive hand-crafted luxury phone.



Expensive and exclusive luxury handset.

 Benefon Twig

Benefon Twig Discovery (2006)

GSM handset with a fully integrated GPS and satellite navigation system.

 BenQ P50

BenQ P50 (2006)

Late, but still very competitive Windows smartphone.

 BenQ-Siemens AL26 Hello Kitty

BenQ-Siemens AL26 Hello Kitty (2006)

A very cute slider phone with basic but practical features.

 BenQ-Siemens C31

BenQ-Siemens C31 (2007)

Lightweight, low cost music phone.

 BenQ-Siemens C81

BenQ-Siemens C81 (2006)

Capable multipurpose handset aimed at the mid-market.

 BenQ-Siemens CF61

BenQ-Siemens CF61 (2006)

Bland clamshell phone with a  1.3 megapixel camera.

 BenQ-Siemens CL71

BenQ-Siemens CL71 (2006)

Overweight and underpowered sliding phone.

 BenQ-Siemens E52

BenQ-Siemens E52 (2007)

Low cost business phone with a built-in laser pointer.

BenQ-Siemens E61 (2006)

Unusual music phone with some intriguing features.

 BenQ-Siemens EF51

BenQ-Siemens EF51 (2006)

Unusual compact multimedia phone.

 BenQ-Siemens EF61

BenQ-Siemens EF61 (2006)

An attractive "girlie" clamshell phone.

 BenQ-Siemens EF71

BenQ-Siemens EF71 (2006)

A stylish multimedia clamshell device.

 BenQ-Siemens EL71

BenQ-Siemens EL71 (2006)

Understated and lightweight sliding phone.

 BenQ-Siemens M81

BenQ-Siemens M81 (2006)

The latest ruggedised "M-series" handset adds a few features over the previous phone.

 BenQ-Siemens P51

BenQ-Siemens P51 (2006)

Improved version of the BenQ P50, with a software upgrade and more memory.

 Blackberry 7100t

Blackberry 7100t (2004)

Clever and compact messaging device made for T-Mobile USA.

 Blackberry 7100x

Blackberry 7100x (2005)

O2's version of the compact Blackberry messaging device.

 BlackBerry 7130g

BlackBerry 7130g (2006)

This compact BlackBerry adds EDGE, more memory and a longer battery life.

 BlackBerry 8700

BlackBerry 8700 Range (2006)

This popular messaging device gets a major upgrade.

 BlackBerry 8700c

BlackBerry 8700c (2005)

An upgraded version of the definitive messaging phone.

 BlackBerry 8700v

BlackBerry 8707v (2006)

This first 3G BlackBerry is exclusive to Vodafone.

 BlackBerry 8800

BlackBerry 8800 (2007)

This messaging device adds GPS and multimedia support.

 BlackBerry 8820

BlackBerry 8820 (2007)

The first BlackBerry with WiFi

 BlackBerry 8830

BlackBerry 8830 World Edition (2007)

A dual-mode CDMA/GSM messaging device for US customers.

 BlackBerry Bold 9000

BlackBerry Bold 9000 (2008)

The most advanced BlackBerry device to date.

 BlackBerry Bold 9650

BlackBerry Bold 9650 (2010)

Dual mode CDMA/GSM messaging phone.

 BlackBerry Bold 9700

BlackBerry Bold 9700 (2009)

Competent but unimaginative messaging device.

 BlackBerry Curve 8300

BlackBerry Curve 8300 (2007)

Consumer-friendly messaging device.

 BlackBerry Curve 8310

BlackBerry Curve 8310 (2007)

The "prosumer" Curve now has inbuilt GPS.

 BlackBerry 8320

BlackBerry Curve 8320 (2007)

WiFi capable version of the Curve.

 BlackBerry Curve 8520

BlackBerry Curve 8520 (2009)

Mildly updated consumer messaging device.

 BlackBerry Curve 8900

BlackBerry Curve 8900 (2008)

A slightly cut down version of the Bold 9000.

 BlackBerry Pearl 8100

BlackBerry Pearl 8100 (2006)

The most compact, and arguably most advanced, BlackBerry to date.

 BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220

BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220 (2009)

Clamshell version of the Pearl messaging device.

 BlackBerry Storm 9500

BlackBerry Storm 9500 (2008)

The first touchscreen BlackBerry device.

 BlackBerry Storm2

BlackBerry Storm2 (9520 / 9550) (2009)

A slight update to last year's touchscreen messaging phone.

 BlackBerry Pearl 8110

BlackBerry Pearl 8110 (2008)

The Pearl with added GPS.

 BlackBerry 8120

BlackBerry Pearl 8120 (2007)

The Pearl with added WiFi.

 Buddy Bear Phone

Buddy Bear Phone (2005)

Simplified GSM handset designed for very young children.

 Dell Mini 3

Dell Mini 3

Dell's first attempt at a smartphone, initially bound for Brazil and China.

 E-TEN Glofiish X650

E-TEN Glofiish X650 (2008)

Windows smartphone with GPS and a VGA resolution display.

 Emblaze Touch 7

Emblaze Touch 7 (2006)

Good value for money multimedia slider.

 Emporia Life

Emporia Life (2007)

An oversized phone that is designed to be very simple to use.

 Fly Mobile SL500i

Fly Mobile SL500i / Orange TR1 (2007)

A compact, low cost slider phone.

 Fly SL600

Fly Mobile SL600 (2007)

Lightweight slider that offers good value for money.

 Fly Mobile SLT100

Fly Mobile SLT100 (SX210) (2007)

Very good value for money touchscreen phone.

 Fujitsu Siemens Pocket Loox

Fujitsu Siemens Pocket Loox T810/T830 (2006)

Very impressive Windows smartphone with inbuilt GPS.

 Garmin nüvifone

Garmin nüvifone (2008)

Advanced GPS functionality in a mobile phone.

  Garmin-Asus nüvifone G60

Garmin-Asus nüvifone G60

Very late hybrid satnav / phone device.

 Garmin-Asus nüvifone M20

Garmin-Asus nüvifone M20

Unremarkable Windows phone with SatNav built in.

 Google Nexus One

Google Nexus One (2010)

Google's first own branded device is a powerful Android smartphone.

 Grundig X5000

Grundig Mobile X5000 (2006)

Unusual clamshell phone with a 6 megapixel camera.

 GSmart MS820

GSmart MS820 (2009)

Highly competent but unremarkable Windows device.

 GSmart S1200

GSmart S1200 (2009)

Attractive Windows phone with a custom user interface.

 GSmart t600

GSmart t600 (2008)

Windows smartphone with a VGA display and digital TV.

 HP iPAQ 600

HP iPAQ 600 Business Navigator (2007)

Windows smartphone with GPS.

 HP iPAQ 900

HP iPAQ 900 Business Messenger (2007)

Windows smartphone with WiFi, 3G, HSDPA and a QWERTY keyboard.

 HP iPAQ Data Messenger

HP iPAQ Data Messenger (2008)

Windows touchscreen phone with a slide-out QWERTY keyboard.

 HP iPAQ Voice Messenger

HP iPAQ Voice Messenger (2008)

Conventional looking but clever Windows smartphone.

 HTC Advantage X7510

HTC Advantage X7510 (2008)

A very large smartphone, or perhaps a very small notebook PC.

 HTC Desire

HTC Desire (2010)

High-end Android smartphone.

 HTC Dream

HTC Dream (2009)

Android powered smartphone.


HTC HD2 (2009)

Powerful Windows device with a very large display.

 HTC HD Mini

HTC HD Mini (2010)

Fully featured Windows smartphone in a slighty more compact shell.

 HTC Hero

HTC Hero (2009)

Powerful Android touchscreen phone.

 HTC Legend

HTC Legend (2010)

Very stylish Android smartphone.

 HTC Magic

HTC Magic (2009)

Android handset, exclusive to Vodafone in most markets.


HTC MAX 4G (2008)

Impressive WiMAX smartphone, exclusive to Russia.


HTC MTeoR (2006)

Compact Windows Mobile 5.0 smartphone.

 HTC P3300

HTC P3300 (2006)

Versatile Windows PDA-phone with GPS and TomTom software.

 HTC P6300

HTC P6300 (2007)

PDA-style Windows smartphone.

 HTC P4350

HTC P4350 (2006)

Capable Windows smartphone with a QWERTY keyboard.

 HTC P6500

HTC P6500 (2007)

Impressive smartphone aimed at corporate and industrial customers.

 HTC S620

HTC S620 (2006)

Windows-based messaging phone.

 HTC S730

HTC S730 (2007)

Conventional looking phone with a slide-out QWERTY keyboard.

 HTC S740

HTC S740 (2008)

Somewhat unorthodox Windows smartphone.

 HTC Shift

HTC Shift (2007)

Not exactly a smartphone, but a highly connected ultra portable PC.

 HTC Smart

HTC Smart (2010)

Mass-market smartphone with the new HTC Sense platform.

 HTC Snap

HTC Snap (2009)

Easy-to-use messaging smartphone.

 HTC StrTrk

HTC STRTrk / QTek 8500 (2006)

Compact and stylish Windows clamshell phone.

 HTC Tattoo

HTC Tattoo (2009)

Midrange Android smartphone.

 HTC Touch

HTC Touch (2007)

Compact Windows smartphone with a clever interface.

 HTC Touch 3G

HTC Touch 3G (2008)

Attractive, compact and capable Windows smartphone.

 HTC Touch Cruise

HTC Touch Cruise (2007)

Impressive Windows smartphone.

 HTC Touch Cruise 09

HTC Touch Cruise 09 (2009)

Advanced GPS smartphone.

 HTC Touch Diamond

HTC Touch Diamond (2008)

Powerful Windows smartphone with GPS and a VGA resolution display.

 HTC Touch Diamond2

HTC Touch Diamond2 (2009)

Powerful but compact Windows smartphone.

 HTC Touch Dual

HTC Touch Dual (2007)

A 3G version of the touch with a slide-out keypad but no WiFi.

 HTC Touch HD

HTC Touch HD (2008)

Very high-end Windows smartphone.

 HTC Touch Pro2

HTC Touch Pro2 (2009)

Large QWERTY slider phone with an impressive screen.

 HTC Touch Viva

HTC Touch Viva (2008)

Entry-level HTC Touch device.


HTC TyTN (2006)

Very versatile Windows smartphone with everything but the kitchen sink.


HTC TyTN II (2007)

Sophisticated Windows smartphone.

 HTC Universal

HTC Universal (2005)

Extremely powerful and capable 3G Windows smartphone.

 HTC Wildfire

HTC Wildfire (2010)

Affordable Android 2.1 smartphone.

 i-mate JAQ

i-mate JAQ (2006)

Competent but uninspiring Windows messaging device.

 i-mate Ultimate 9502

i-mate Ultimate 9502 (2007)

Sophisticated 3.5G smartphone.


INQ1 (2008)

Custom made for Facebook fans.

 INQ Chat 3G

INQ Chat 3G (2009)

QWERTY-equipped social networking phone with GPS.

 INQ Mini 3G

INQ Mini 3G (2009)

Social networking phone in a traditional looking design.

 ITT Easy Use Phone

ITT Easy Use Phone (2007)

A large, big button phone designed for ease-of-use.



They don't come much tougher - or more yellow - than this.

LG 7050

LG 7050 (2003)

Chunky, attractive camera phone with an interesting sliding keypard.

 LG Chocolate BL20

LG Chocolate BL20 (2009)

An up-to-date version of the classic Chocolate slider.

 LG BL40 Chocolate

LG BL40 Chocolate (2009)

Elegant widescreen multimedia phone.

 LG CU500

LG CU500 (2006)

HSDPA phone exlusive to the Cingular 3G network.

 LG GC900 Viewty Smart

LG GC900 Viewty Smart (2009)

8 megapixel touchscreen phone.

 LG GD910 Pop

LG GD510 Pop (2010)

Compact touch phone with a large screen.

 LG GD880 Mini

LG GD880 Mini (2010)

Compact touchscreen phone with a large display.

 LG GD900

LG GD900 Crystal (2009)

3G slider with a transparent keypad.

 LG GD910

LG GD910 (2008)

Clever wristwatch phone.

 LG GM730

LG GM730 (2009)

Windows touchscreen phone with an innovative interface.

 LG GM750

LG GM750 (2010)

Windows Mobile 6.5 smartphone

 LG GS290 Cookie Fresh

LG GS290 Cookie Fresh (2010)

Cheap touchscreen phone.

 LG GS500 Cookie Plus

LG GS500 Cookie Plus (2010)

3G replacement for the popular Cookie touchscreen phone.

 LG GT500 Puccini

LG GT500 Puccini (2009)

Slim touchscreen phone with GPS, WiFi and 3.5G support, exclusive to T-Mobile.

 LG GT505

LG GT505 (2009)

Touchscreen phone with built-in GPS.

 LG GW300

LG GW300

Straightforward messaging phone.

 LG GW520

LG GW520 (2009)

Touchscreen phone with a QWERTY keyboard and social networking support.

 LG GW620

LG GW620 (2010)

LG's first Android handset.

 LG HB620T

LG HB620T (2008)

3G clamshell phone with a built-in digital TV.

 LG KB770

LG KB770 (2008)

3.5G touchscreen phone with a digital TV tuner.

 LG KC550

LG KC550 (2008)

5 megapixel GSM phone.

 LG KC560

LG KC560 (2008)

Glitzy slider phone.

 LG KC780

LG KC780 (2008)

Slider phone with an eight megapixel camera.

 LG KC910

LG Renoir (LG KC910) (2008)

Impressively specified 8 megapixel touchscreen phone.

 LG KC910i Renoir

LG KC910i Renoir (2009)

Last year's model, slightly enhanced.

 LG KE850 / PRADA Phone

LG KE850 (PRADA Phone) (2007)

An impressive rival to the Apple iPhone.

 LG Shine Black

LG Shine (KE970) Titanium Black (2007)

The LG Shine.. in black.

 LG KF300

LG KF300 (2008)

Easy-to-use clamshell phone.

 LG KF310

LG KF310 (2008)

Inexpensive, minimalist 3G phone.

 LG KF350

LG KF350 (2008)

Attractive clamshell phone.

 LG KF510

LG KF510 (2008)

Attractive slider phone.

 LG KF600 Venus

LG KF600 Venus (2008)

Attractive dual display touchscreen slider.

 LG KF700

LG KF700 (2008)

3.5G phone with a large touchscreen display.

 LG KF750 Secret

LG KF750 / LG Secret (2008)

An advanced 5 megapixel 3.5G slider phone with a touchscreen.


LG KF900 / PRADA II (2008)

The original PRADA upgraded with a QWERTY keyboard, WiFi and 3.5G.

 LG KG130

LG KG130 / LG Jaguar (2007)

Grim camera phone.

 LG KG800

LG KG800 (2006)

Stylish slider phone based on a popular Korean model.

 LG KG920

LG KG920 (2006)

Impressive looking 5 megapixel camera phone.

 LG KM380

LG KM380 (2008)

Mobile phone that looks like a multimedia player.


LG KM900 ARENA (2009)

Attractive touchscreen phone with 3.5G, WiFi and GPS.

 LG KP100

LG KP100 (2008)

Very low cost and lightweight colour phone.

 LG KP105

LG KP105 (2008)

Almost identical to the KP100, but with an FM radio.

 LG KP130

LG KP130 (2008)

Cheap camera phone.

 LG KP230

LG KP230 (2008)

Low end Bluetooth camera clamshell on the Vodafone network.

 LG KP235

LG KP235 (2008)

Cheap Bluetooth clamshell.

 LG KP500

LG KP500 (LG Cookie) (2008)

A touchscreen phone designed to be more affordable than most.

 LG KS20

LG KS20 (2007)

3.5G Windows smartphone.

 LG KS360

LG KS360 (2008)

Compact QWERTY-equipped phone.

 LG KS500

LG KS500 (2008)

3.5G slider phone.

 LG KS660

LG KS660 (2008)

Dual-SIM touchscreen phone.

 LG KT520

LG KT520 (2008)

Perhaps the most impressive prepay phone on the market.

 LG KT610

LG KT610 (2008)

Symbian smartphone with a QWERTY keyboard.

 LG KU250

LG KU250 (2007)

Very inexpensive and lightweight 3G phone.

 LG KU800

LG KU800 (2006)

3G version of the popular "Chocolate" slider.

 LG KU990 Viewty

LG KU990 Viewty (2007)

An impresive 5.1 megapixel camera phone with 3G and a touchscreen.

 LG L343i

LG L343i (2006)

Low cost, lightweight i-mode phone.

 LG L5100

LG L5100 (2004)

Swivelling megapixel camera phone, exclusive to T-Mobile

 LG P7200

LG P7200 (2005)

Stylish twisting phone with a 2 megapixel camera.

 LG S5200

LG S5200 (2005)

Inferior handset "inspired" by the popular Samsung D500.

 LG Shine

LG Shine (2006)

Attractive fashion phone.

 LG U8130

LG U8130 (2004)

Compact 3G handset for the 3 network to replace the U8120

 LG U8138

LG U8138 (2004)

Compact 3G clamshell with a large colour external display, exclusive to 3.

 LG U8150

LG U8150 (2004)

Functionally almost identical to the U8138, but exclusive to Orange.

 LG U830

LG U830 (2006)

Smooth looking and lightweight HSDPA 3G clamshell.

 LG U8380

LG U8380 (2005)

Megapixel class 3G phone.

 LG U8550

LG U8550 (2005)

3G multimedia phone with a wider display than normal.

 LG U880

LG U880 (2005)

Probably the thinnest, and certainly one of the lightest 3G phones so far.

 LG U890

LG U890 (2006)

Latest in a long line of 3G handsets made exclusively for 3.

 LG Wink Series

LG Wink Series

Touchscreen phones for "Generation Z"

 Lobster 485

Lobster 485 (2005)

Unusual and very lightweight clamshell, exclusive to Virgin in the UK.

 Lobster 575

Lobster 575 (2006)

Compact clamshell, exclusive to Virgin Mobile in the UK.

 Logic Wireless Logic Bolt

Logic Wireless Logic Bolt (2009)

Unusual phone with a built-in projector.

 MessagePhone QS150 and QS200

MessagePhone QS150 and QS200 (2010)

Two low-cost messaging devices aimed at emerging markets.


modu (2009)

Exceptionally clever modular phone system.

 Motorola A1000

Motorola A1000 (2004)

Latest in a long line of steadily improving 3G phones.

 Motorola A630

Motorola A630 (2004)

Clever clamshell with a full QWERTY keyboard and Bluetooth.

 Motorola A780

Motorola A780 (2004)

A Linux Smartphone that gives Sony Ericsson something to worry about.

 Motorola A810

Motorola A810 (2008)

Midrange touchscreen phone with an FM radio.

Motorola A835

Motorola A835 (2003)

Large, but powerful 3G phone with GPS and good multimedia capabilties.

 Motorola A910

Motorola A910 (2005)

Clever Linux clamshell that packs in WiFi and lots of other features.

Motorola A925

Motorola A935 (2003)

3G smartphone that's big on features, and big on size.

 Motorola MING A1600

Motorola MING A1600 (2008)

Touchscreen phone with GPS.

 Motorola A1800

Motorola A1800 (2008)

Touchscreen phone with GPS and CDMA/GSM support.

 Motorola A3000

Motorola A3000

Touchscreen Windows phone aimed at non-3G customers.

 Motorola MOTOSURF A3100

Motorola MOTOSURF A3100

3.5G Windows smartphone with wi-fi support and a touchscreen.

 Motorola C381p

Motorola C381p (2005)

Low cost PTT handset.

 Motorola C390

Motorola C390 (2005)

Basic business phone with Bluetooth.

Motorola C550

Motorola C550 (2003)

Dull camera phone with few redeeming features.

 Motorola C650

Motorola C650 (2003)

A not-bad attempt at a mass-market candy bar format phone that's quite stylish.

 Motorola C698p

Motorola C698p (2005)

PTT variant of the popular E398 handset.

 Motorola C975

Motorola C975 (2004)

Entry-level 3G phone that also has tri-band GSM.

 Motorola CLIQ / DEXT

Motorola CLIQ / Motorola DEXT (2009)

Long-awaited Android handset from Motorola.

 Motorola DROID

Motorola DROID (2009)

World's first Android 2.0 handset, exclusive to Verizon.

 Motorola DROID X

Motorola DROID X (2010)

Big, powerful Android smartphone.

 Motorola E1000

Motorola E1000 (2004)

An advanced 3G/entertainment phone.

 Motorola E1070

Motorola E1070 (2005)

Not very exciting but competent 3G clamshell phone.

 Motorola E378i

Motorola E378i (2005)

Motorola's first i-Mode handset.

 Motorola E398

Motorola E398 (2004)

Familiar but fun, the E398 attempts to create a nice in the camera phone sector.

 Motorola E550

Motorola E550 (2004)

Camera clamshell with Bluetooth, exclusive to T-Mobile.

 Motorola E680i

Motorola E680i (2005)

An unusual Linux-based smartphone.

 Motorola E770V

Motorola E770V (2005)

Compact 3G music phone, exclusive to the Vodafone network.

 Motorola EM25

Motorola EM25 (2008)

Basic but smart multimedia slider.

 Motorola EM28

Motorola EM28 (2008)

Very basic multimedia clamshell.

 Motorola EM30

Motorola EM30 (2008)

The ROKR E8 with some of the best bits removed.

 Motorola FONE

Motorola FONE F3 / F3c (2006)

A very slim handset with an innovative electronic ink display.

 Motorola Karma QA1

Motorola Karma QA1 (2009)

Odd-looking messaging phone, aimed at the US AT&T network.

 Motorola KRAVE ZN4

Motorola KRAVE ZN4 (2008)

Clever CDMA-only touchscreen phone.

 Motorola KRZR K1

Motorola KRZR K1 (2006)

A thinner, more advanced member of the RAZR clamshell family.

 Motorola KRZR K1m

Motorola KRZR K1m (2006)

Closely related to the K1, the K1m is a CDMA device with EV-DO high-seed data.

 Motorola KRZR K3

Motorola KRZR K3 (2007)

3G version of the stylish KRZR clamshell.

 Motorola L6

Motorola L6 (2005)

Fashionable but fairly simple camera phone.

 Motorola M990

Motorola M990 Smart Rider (2008)

Large device with GPS designed for professional drivers.


Motorola MILESTONE (2009)

Android 2.0 smartphone for the world market.

 Motorola Moto Q

Motorola Moto Q (2005)

Highly featured Windows based communicator.

 Motorola MOTO Q Global

Motorola MOTO Q Global (2008)

Windows smartphone supporting GSM, UMTS and HSDPA on the US AT&T network.

 Motorola Moto Q GSM

Motorola MOTO Q 8 (2007)

A GSM port of the CDMA Moto Q smartphone.

 Motorola Moto Q q9

Motorola MOTO Q 9 (2007)

The Moto Q, plus HSDPA and 3G.

 Motorola MOTO Q 11

Motorola MOTO Q 11 (2008)

Windows Mobile 6.1 smartphone with WiFi and GPS.

 Motorola MOTO Z8

Motorola MOTO Z8 (2007)

An ergonomic HSDPA Symbian smartphone.

 Motorola MOTO Z10

Motorola MOTO Z10 (2008)

An improved version of the Z8 3.5G smartphone.

 Motorola MOTOROI

Motorola MOTOROI (2010)

Feature-filled Android handset for the Korean market.

Motorola MPx200

Motorola MPx200 (2003)

Stylish Windows-based smartphone with a neat clamshell design.

Motorola MPx220

Motorola MPx220 (2004)

Motorola's second attempt at a Windows Smartphone looks very good indeed.

 Motorola PEBL V6

Motorola PEBL V6 (2005)

A very elegant and smooth handset, closely related to the V500 and V600 series.

 Motorola QUENCH

Motorola QUENCH (2010)

Conventional Android smartphone with MOTOBLUR.

 Motorola RAZR MAXX

Motorola RAZR MAXX (2006)

A RAZR-style clamshell phone with HSDPA (3G) capabilities.

 Motorola RAZR V3 Unrath & Strano

Motorola RAZR V3 Unrath & Strano Edition (2005)

An unusual take on the classic RAZR handset.

 Motorola RAZR V3

Motorola RAZR V3 (2004)

We've never seen a handset quite like this feature packed slimline clamshell before.

 Motorola RAZR V3i

Motorola RAZR V3i (2005)

The classic RAZR design with a megapixel camera, music player and expandable memory.

 Motorola RAZR V3x

Motorola RAZR V3x (2005)

A heavyweight version of the RAZR with 3G capabilities.

 Motorola RAZR XX

Motorola RAZR XX (2006)

Yet another variant of the RAZR, this time with HSDPA.

 Motorola RAZR2 V8

Motorola RAZR2 V8 (2007)

GSM clamshell phone with a very large external screen and strong multimedia capabilities.

 Motorola RAZR2 V8 Luxury Edition

Motorola RAZR2 V8 Luxury Edition (2007)

A gold RAZR2 that won't be to everyone's taste.

 Motorola RAZR2 V9

Motorola RAZR2 V9 (2007)

HSDPA clamshell phone.

 Motorola RAZR2 V9x

Motorola RAZR2 V9x (2008)

3.5G RAZR clamshell with GPS.

 Motorola RIZR

Motorola RIZR (2006)

A RAZR-style sliding phone with some clever design details.

 Motorola ROKR

Motorola ROKR E1 (2005)

Long awaited iTunes phone from Motorola.

 Motorola ROKR E2

Motorola ROKR E2 (2006)

An upgraded music phone running Linux and with stereo Bluetooth.

 Motorola ROKR E6

Motorola ROKR E6 (2006)

Stylish Linux smartphone with capable multimedia support.

 Motorola ROKR E8

Motorola ROKR E8 (2008)

A music phone with a unique virtual keypad.

 Motorola ROKR EM35

Motorola ROKR EM35 (2008)

Multimedia slider.

 Motorola ROKR W5

Motorola ROKR W5 (2007)

RAZR or ROKR? Will consumers care?

 Motorola RIZR Z6

Motorola ROKR Z6 (2007)

A surprisingly powerful multimedia device that looks just like the old RIZR.

 Motorola SLVR L7e

Motorola SLVR L7e (2006)

Updated version of this popular handset.

 Motorola SLVR L7 with i-mode

Motorola SLVR L7 with i-mode (2006)

I-mode version of this slim fashion phone.

 Motorola SLVR L9

Motorola SLVR L9 (2007)

A slight upgrade to the somewhat tired SLVR line.

 Motorola Tundra VA76r

Motorola Tundra VA76r (2009)

Rugged clamshell phone, exclusive to the US AT&T network.

 Motorola U9

Motorola U9 (2007)

Updated version of the PEBL fashion phone.

Motorola V150

Motorola V150 (2004)

A back-to-basics clamshell that's going to be very competitive in the lower end of the market.

 Motorola V180

Motorola V180 (2004)

Budget colour clamshell that looks very stylish.

 Motorola V186

Motorola V186 (2005)

Dull but lightweight budget clamshell with EDGE data support.

 Motorola V220

Motorola V220 (2004)

A low cost camera phone complete a trio of new releases from Motorola.

Motorola V300

Motorola V300 (2003)

A pretty phone from the people who pioneered the clamshell design.

 Motorola V330

Motorola V330 (2004)

A T-Mobile USA version of the ubiquitous V500 series.

 Motorola V360

Motorola V360 (2005)

Low key, but fairly significant mass-market clamshell.

 Motorola V535

Motorola V535 (2004)

Another V5xx series phone, this time not tied to any particular carrier.

 Motorola V545

Motorola V545 (2004)

Another practical V5xx series, this time an exclusive to Orange.

 Motorola V547

Motorola V547 (2004)

EDGE-capable addition to the V5xx series lineup.

 Motorola V550

Motorola V550 (2004)

Camera clamshell phone with Bluetooth, exclusive to Vodafone.

Motorola V560 / BT Fusion (2005)

A modified V500 series phone that can also be used with a home phone line.

Motorola V600

Motorola V600 (2003)

Competent camera clamshell phone that's as good as anything else in its class.

 Motorola V620

Motorola V620 (2004)

Capable replacement for the V600 with a better screen and improved features.

 Motorola V635

Motorola V635 (2005)

Megapixel clamshell phone with EDGE data support

 Motorola V80

Motorola V80 (2004)

A unique rotating phone that's stylish and fun to use.

 Motorola V975

Motorola V975 (2004)

Entry-level 3G clamshell.

 Motorola V1100

Motorola V1100 (2006)

Unimaginative HSDPA clamshell.

 Motorola VE66

Motorola VE66 (2008)

Flawed 5 megapixel camera phone.

 Motorola W7

Motorola W7 (2009)

3G slider phone with gesture control.

 Motorola W156 / W160

Motorola W156 / W160 (2007)

Two very low cost but attractive monochrome phones.

 Motorola W175 / W180

Motorola W175 / W180 (2007)

Two stylish and inexpensive phones, one with an FM radio, one without.

 Motorola W181

Motorola W181 (2008)

Cheap colour phone with a long battery life.

 Motorola W210

Motorola W210 (2006)

Basic, cheap and cheerful handset.

 Motorola W220

Motorola W220 (2006)

Very basic but attractive clamshell phone.

  Motorola W230

Motorola W230 (2008)

This simple phone comes with a full MP3 player and microSD slot.

 Motorola W233 Renew

Motorola W233 Renew (2009)

A "greener" mobile phone featuring recycled materials and carbon offsetting.

 Motorola W270

Motorola W270 (2008)

Basic clamshell with surprising music features.

 Motorola W388

Motorola W388 (2008)

Cheap multimedia candy bar phone.

 Motorola W375

Motorola W375 (2006)

Low cost camera clamshell.

 Motorola W396

Motorola W396 (2008)

Cheap multimedia clamshell phone.

 Motorola W510

Motorola W510 (2007)

A low cost version of the RAZR with a much longer battery life.

 Motorola Z6c

Motorola Z6c (2007)

Dual mode CDMA/GSM handset.

 Motorola Z6w

Motorola Z6w (2008)

Music phone with built-in WiFi.

 Motorola Z9

Motorola Z9 (2008)

3.5G slider with GPS support, exclusive to AT&T in the US.

 Motorola ZINE ZN5

Motorola ZINE ZN5 (2008)

Featuring a 5 megapixel Kodak camera.

 Motorola ZN200

Motorola ZN200 (2008)

Inexpensive sliding music phone.

 Motorola ZN300

Motorola ZN300 (2009)

GSM-only camera phone.

 Neonode N2

Neonode N2 (2007)

A tiny but very impressive smartphone.

 NEC E101

NEC E101 (2004)

Compact GSM clamshell with a camera, exclusive to O2.

 NEC E228

NEC E228 (2004)

Entry-level 3G handset with a full set of features.

 NEC E338

NEC E338 (2004)

Simple, lightweight 3G clamshell phone.

NEC E616

NEC E616 (2003)

A welcome improvement over the E606, and the latest addition to the Hutchison 3 line-up.

 Nokia 330

Nokia 330 (2006)

Not a phone, but a pretty capable standalone sat nav system.

 Nokia 770

Nokia 770 Internet Tablet (2005)

Powerful Linux-based internet tablet with Bluetooth and WiFi - but no phone.

 Nokia 770 2006 OS

Nokia 770 Internet Tablet OS 2006 (2006)

An updated version of the software for this unusual Linux-based device.

 Nokia 1110

Nokia 1110 (2005)

The cheapest Nokia handset about.

 Nokia 1110i

Nokia 1110i (2006)

The cheapest Nokia you can buy?

 Nokia 1112

Nokia 1112 (2006)

Ultra-low cost but practical monochrome handset.

 Nokia 1200

Nokia 1200 (2007)

Probably the cheapest Nokia you can get.

 Nokia 1202

Nokia 1202 (2008)

Nokia's cheapest ever handset.

 Nokia 1203

Nokia 1203 (2008)

The 1202 with a little more style.

 Nokia 1208

Nokia 1208 (2007)

The cheapest colour Nokia on the market.

 Nokia 1209

Nokia 1209 (2007)

Extremely inexpensive colour phone.

 Nokia 1600

Nokia 1600 (2005)

Very low cost but pretty dull colour phone.

 Nokia 1650

Nokia 1650 (2007)

A simple colour phone with a very long battery life.

 Nokia 1661

Nokia 1661 (2008)

Very low cost colour phone.

 Nokia 1680 Classic

Nokia 1680 Classic (2008)

Ultra low cost camera phone.

 Nokia 2310

Nokia 2310 (2006)

Very inexpensive colour phone aimed at emerging markets.

 Nokia 2323

Nokia 2323 Classic (2008)

Low cost GPRS enabled handset.

 Nokia 2600

Nokia 2600 (2004)

A very basic but quite stylish entry-level colour handset.

 Nokia 2600 Classic

Nokia 2600 Classic (2007)

Very good value phone with Bluetooth.

 Nokia 2610

Nokia 2610 (2006)

Simple but practical phone with long battery life, aimed at developing markets,

 Nokia 2630

Nokia 2630 (2007)

Slim, stylish and very inexpensive.

 Nokia 2650

Nokia 2650 (2004)

Strange looking clamshell that's great value for money.

 Nokia 2652

Nokia 2652 (2005)

Distinctive and inexpensive clamshell.

 Nokia 2660

Nokia 2660 (2007)

Very inexpensive clamshell phone.

 Nokia 2680 Slide

Nokia 2680 Slide (2008)

Value slider phone.

 Nokia 2760

Nokia 2760 (2007)

Low cost camera clamshell phone.

 Nokia 3110 Evolve

Nokia 3110 Evolve (2007)

A slightly greener phone than usual from Nokia.

 Nokai 3120 Classic

Nokia 3120 Classic (2008)

Low cost, lightweight 3G phone.

Nokia 3200

Nokia 3200 (2003)

Groundbreaking or a gimmick? This phone is feature packed and you can design your own covers.

 Nokia 3220

Nokia 3220 (2004)

A fun, lightweight and low cost handset from Nokia.

 Nokia 3230

Nokia 3230 (2004)

Fun and technically very capable media phone with a 1.3 megapixel camera

 Nokia 3250

Nokia 3250 (2005)

Capable multimedia smartphone with a twisting keypad.

Nokia 3500 Classic (2007)

Low cost phone with a 2 megapixel camera.

 Nokia 3600 Slide

Nokia 3600 Slide (2008)

Inexpensive 3.2 megapixel camera phone.

 Nokia 3610 Fold

Nokia 3610 Fold (2008)

Practical clamshell phone.

Nokia 3660

Nokia 3660 (2003)

A slightly improved and more conventional phone than the Nokia 3650, should be a bestseller.

 Nokia 5000

Nokia 5000 (2008)

Very inexpensive and lightweight QVGA phone.

 Nokia 5070

Nokia 5070 (2007)

Low cost but smart looking "lifestyle" phone.

 Nokia 5130 XpressMusic

Nokia 5130 XpressMusic (2008)

Capable, low cost music phone.

Nokia 5140

Nokia 5140 (2003)

The first handset with Push-To-Talk plus a range of features for sports and outdoors enthusiasts.

 Nokia 5140i

Nokia 5140i (2005)

Upgrade to the old Nokia 5140 ruggedised phone.

 Nokia 5200

Nokia 5200 (2006)

Cut down version of the Nokia 5300

 Nokia 5220 XpressMusic

Nokia 5220 XpressMusic (2008)

Multimedia phone with a somewhat unusual shape.

 Nokia 5300

Nokia 5300 (2006)

Cute multimedia slider phone.

 Nokia 5310 XpressMusic

Nokia 5310 XpressMusic (2007)

Lightweight and slim music phone.

 Nokia 5310 XpressMusic Comes With Music

Nokia 5310 XpressMusic Comes With Music (2008)

Unlimited music downloads for a flat fee.

 Nokia 5320 XpressMusic

Nokia 5320 XpressMusic (2008)

Multimedia phone with HSDPA support.

 Nokia 5500 Sport Music

Nokia 5500 Sport Music Edition (2006)

An enhanced version of the excellent Nokia 5500 Sport.

 Nokia 5500 Sport

Nokia 5500 Sport (2006)

Ruggedised handset that's also a very capable all-round phone.

 Nokia 5610 XpressMusic

Nokia 5610 XpressMusic (2007)

3G slider phone with strong multimedia capabilities.

 Nokia 5700 XpressMusic

Nokia 5700 XpressMusic (2007)

3G music phone with a twist.

 Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic (2008)

Nokia's first attempt at an iPhone-class handset.

 Nokia 6020

Nokia 6020 (2004)

Uninspiring mid-range camera phone.

 Nokia 6021

Nokia 6021 (2005)

A simple, business-orientated phone with Bluetooth.

 Nokia 6030

Nokia 6030 (2005)

Unexciting but inexpensive phone aimed at the consumer market.

 Nokia 6060

Nokia 6060 (2005)

Simple but stylish clamshell phone.

 Nokia 6080

Nokia 6080 (2006)

A sleek, attractive handset that delivers much less than it promises.

 Nokia 6085

Nokia 6085 (2006)

Lightweight multimedia clamshell phone.

Nokia 6101 (2005)

Inexpensive clamshell camera phone.

 Nokia 6103

Nokia 6103 (2006)

Budget Bluetooth clamshell phone.

 Nokia 6110

Nokia 6110 Navigator (2007)

A 3G slider with integrated satellite navigation.

 Nokia 6111

Nokia 6111 (2005)

Compact, stylish and capable sliding phone.

 Nokia 6120 Classic

Nokia 6120 Classic (2007)

An understated phone with bags of features that offers very good value for money.

 Nokia 6121 Classic

Nokia 6121 Classic (2007)

Dual-band 900/2100 MHz 3G phone with HSDPA.

 Nokia 6124 Classic

Nokia 6124 Classic (2008)

Glossy HSDPA phone, exclusive to Vodafone.

 Nokia 6125

Nokia 6125 (2006)

A conservatively styled midrange camera clamshell.

 Nokia 6131 NFC

Nokia 6131 NFC (2007)

This version of the 6131 supports Near Field Communications.

 Nokia 6131

Nokia 6131 (2006)

Unexceptional midrange clamshell.

 Nokia 6136

Nokia 6136 (2006)

Nokia's first phone with UMA VOIP capabilities.

 Nokia 6151

Nokia 6151 (2006)

Poorly thought out 3G phone.

 Nokia 6170

Nokia 6170 (2004)

Stylish camera clamshell clad in stainless steel.

 Nokia 6208c

Nokia 6208c (2009)

Midrange touchscreen phone destined for China.

 Nokia 6210 Navigator

Nokia 6210 Navigator (2008)

3G slider with built-in satellite navigation.

 Nokia 6212 Classic

Nokia 6212 Classic (2008)

Cheap 3G phone with NFC technology.

 Nokia 6220 Classic

Nokia 6220 Classic (2008)

Midrange phone with high-end GPS and camera.

Nokia 6230

Nokia 6230 (2003)

Fully loaded Nokia camera phone with pretty much all the features you could want.

 Nokia 6230i

Nokia 6230i (2005)

A significant reworking of this extremely popular handset.

 Nokia 6233

Nokia 6233 (2005)

Elegant and versatile 3G phone for business.

 Nokia 6260

Nokia 6260 (2004)

Versatile business-orientated clamshell with Bluetooth.

 Nokia 6260 Slide

Nokia 6260 Slide (2008)

A powerful, feature-packed phone at a mid-market price.

 Nokia 6267

Nokia 6267 (2007)

Midrange 3G clamshell.

 Nokia 6270

Nokia 6270 (2005)

Sliding media phone with a 2 megapixel camera and removable memory.

 Nokia 6280

Nokia 6280 (2005)

2 megapixel sliding 3G phone with removable memory.

 Nokia 6282

Nokia 6282 (2005)

Nokia's first 3G phone designed exclusively for North America.

 Nokia 6288

Nokia 6288 (2006)

Stylish 3G slider that offers good value for money.

 Nokia 6290

Nokia 6290 (2006)

Nokia's first mainstream 3G clamshell.

 Nokia 6300

Nokia 6300 (2006)

Popular camera phone.

 Nokia 6300i

Nokia 6300i (2008)

The original 6300 with added WiFi and VOIP support.

 Nokia 6301

Nokia 6301 (2007)

An elegant phone that can make calls over the internet.

 Nokia 6500 Slide

Nokia 6500 Slide (2007)

3G slider with a 3.2 megapixel camera.

 Nokia 6500 Classic

Nokia 6500 Classic (2007)

Slim and fashionable 3G phone.

 Nokia 6555

Nokia 6555 (2007)

Elegant 3G clamshell phone.

Nokia 6600

Nokia 6600 (2003)

Long awaited and stylish multimedia phone from Nokia.

 Nokia 6600 Slide

Nokia 6600 Slide (2008)

3G slider phone with a 3.2 megapixel camera.

 Nokia 6600 Fold

Nokia 6600 Fold (2008)

Elegant 3G clamshell.

 Nokia 6610i

Nokia 6610i (2004)

Warmed over compact phone with a very basic digital camera.

 Nokia 6630 Music

Nokia 6630 Music (2005)

Musically enhanced version of one of Nokia's first 3G handsets.

 Nokia 6630

Nokia 6630 (2004)

One of the smallest 3G phones yet, with a megapixel camera and enhanced 2G data too,

 Nokia 6650

Nokia 6650 (2008)

HSDPA clamshell phone with GPS, exclusive to T-Mobile.

 Nokia 6670

Nokia 6670 (2004)

A business-orientated reworking of the 7610 megapixel camera phone.

 Nokia 6680

Nokia 6680 (2005)

Nokia's first fully-fledged 3G phone with video calling.

 Nokia 6681

Nokia 6681 (2005)

EDGE version of the Nokia 6680 with no video calling.

Nokia 6810

Nokia 6810 (2003)

With a full QWERTY keyboard and advanced messaging support, the 6810 is a capable email phone that can work like a Blackberry too.

Nokia 6820

Nokia 6820 (2003)

Another clever Nokia with a fold-out QWERTY keyboard plus a digital camera.

 Nokia 6822

Nokia 6822 (2005)

Improved version of the 6820 messsaging phone.

 Nokia 7070 Prism

Nokia 7070 Prism (2008)

Very low cost fashion phone.

 Nokia 7100 Supernova

Nokia 7100 Supernova (2008)

Low cost fashion phone.

Nokia 7200

Nokia 7200 (2003)

Nokia's novel take on the clamshell format sets it apart from its rivals.

 Nokia 7210 Supernova

Nokia 7210 Supernova (2008)

Inexpensive fashion phone.

 Nokia 7260

Nokia 7260 (2004)

Astonishingly ugly and very basic fashion phone.

Nokia 7270

Nokia 7270 (2004)

Capable and attractive clamshell fashion phone.

 Nokia 7280

Nokia 7280 (2004)

Radically different pen phone with Bluetooth and no number pad.

 Nokia 7310 Supernova

Nokia 7310 Supernova (2008)

Lightweight fashion phone.

 Nokia 7360

Nokia 7360 (2005)

Attractive, low cost camera phone.

 Nokia 7370

Nokia 7370 (2005)

Nokia's first rotating phone also comes with a 1.3 megapixel camera.

 Nokia 7373

Nokia 7373 (2006)

An upgraded version of the 7370 with many practical improvements.

 Nokia 7380

Nokia 7380 (2005)

Unusual pen-format phone with a 2 megapixel digital camera.

 Nokia 7390

Nokia 7390 (2006)

Nokia's first mainstream 3G clamshell is a very attractive fashion phone.

 Nokia 7500 Prism

Nokia 7500 Prism (2007)

Striking fashion phone.

 Nokia 7510 Supernova

Nokia 7510 Supernova (2008)

Stylish clamshell phone.

Nokia 7600

Nokia 7600 (2003)

Did Nokia hit it with the ugly stick? Or is it a work of art? A 3G/GSM phone from Nokia.

 Nokia 7610

Nokia 7610 (2004)

One of the most advanced Nokias to date.. and certainly one of the ugliest.

 Nokia 7610 Supernova

Nokia 7610 Supernova (2008)

3.2 megapixel slider phone.

 Nokia 7710

Nokia 7710 (2004)

Nokia's long-awaited media device finally makes it.

 Nokia 7900 Prism

Nokia 7900 Prism (2007)

Striking 3G fashion phone.

 Nokia 8600

Nokia 8600 Luna (2007)

Elegant and exclusive sliding phone.

 Nokia 8800

Nokia 8800 / 8801 (2005)

Stylish sliding handset aimed at the executive market.

 Nokia 8800 Sirocco

Nokia 8800 Sirocco (2006)

A useful upgrade for this stylish slider.

 Nokia 8800 Sirocco Gold

Nokia 8800 Sirocco Gold (2007)

A gold-plated version of the upmarket 8800 Sirocco.

 Nokia 8800 Arte

Nokia 8800 Arte (2007)

A much improved version of the 8800.

 Nokia 8800 Carbon Arte

Nokia 8800 Carbon Arte (2008)

Exclusive handset with a price tag to match.

 Nokia 9300

Nokia 9300 (2004)

Powerful smartphone that's much more compact than other Nokia Communicators.

 Nokia 9300i

Nokia 9300i (2005)

A compact 9000 series Communicator with added WiFi.

 Nokia 9500

Nokia 9500 Communicator (2004)

The long awaited replacement for the 9210i - but don't hold your breath.

 Nokia E50

Nokia E50 (2006)

Very capable business phone forming the entry-level in Nokia's E-series range of devices.

 Nokia E51

Nokia E51 (2007)

Business phone with WiFi and HSDPA.

 Nokia E51 without camera

Nokia E51 without camera (2008)

A business phone aimed at high-security areas.

 Nokia E60

Nokia E60 (2005)

Business orientated 3G handset.

 Nokia E61

Nokia E61 (2005)

3G phone with a QWERTY keyboard and WiFi to challenge the Blackberry.

 Nokia E61i

Nokia E61i (2007)

The E61 with an added digital camera.

 Nokia E63

Nokia E63 (2008)

Low cost QWERTY-equipped smartphone.

 Nokia E65

Nokia E65 (2007)

Business oriented 3G slider.

 Nokia E66

Nokia E66 (2008)

Business smartphone with GPS.

 Nokia E70

Nokia E70 (2005)

3G smartphone with a "butterfly" QWERTY keyboard.

 Nokia E71

Nokia E71 (2008)

GPS enabled smartphone with a QWERTY keyboard.

 Nokia E90 Communicator

Nokia E90 Communicator (2007)

The latest Communicator adds 3G, HSDPA, GPS and many other features.

 Nokia N70

Nokia N70 (2005)

3G phone in the style of the Nokia 6680 but with better imaging capabilities.

 Nokia N71

Nokia N71 (2005)

Big, ugly but capable 3G clamshell.

 Nokia N72

Nokia N72 (2006)

EDGE version of the popular N70 smartphone.

 Nokia N73

Nokia N73 (2006)

Powerful multimedia smartphone with a 3.2 megapixel camera.

 Nokia N75

Nokia N75 (2006)

3G clamshell phone aimed at the US market.

 Nokia N76

Nokia N76 (2007)

Slightly derivative slimline 3G clamshell phone.

 Nokia N77

Nokia N77 (2007)

It looks like many other N-Series phones, but the N77 packs a DVB-H digital TV tuner.

 Nokia N78

Nokia N78 (2008)

Attractive music phone with GPS.

 Nokia N79

Nokia N79 (2008)

Powerful N-Series phone aimed at everyday users.

 Nokia N80

Nokia N80 (2005)

Sophisticated 3G phone with a great screen and camera, plus WiFi.

 Nokia N81

Nokia N81 and N81 8GB (2007)

3G slider aimed at gamers.

 Nokia N82

Nokia N82 (2007)

5 megapixel 3G phone with GPS.

 Nokia N85

Nokia N85 (2008)

Impressive multimedia monster.

 Nokia N90

Nokia N90 (2005)

Advanced 3G camera phone featuring a Carl Zeiss lens.

 Nokia N91

Nokia N91 (2005)

Highly advanced but somewhat ugly 3G music phone.

 Nokia N92

Nokia N92 (2005)

3G smartphone with a built-in digital TV tuner.

 Nokia N93

Nokia N93 (2006)

Probably the most advanced camera phone we've seen to date.

Nokia N93i (2007)

Slightly slimmed down version of the N93 digital imaging phone.

 Nokia N95

Nokia N95 (2006)

Advanced two-way slider phone with a 5 megapixel camera, WiFi and HSDPA.

 Nokia N95 8GB

Nokia N95 8GB (2007)

Advanced 3G multimedia slider with GPS.

 Nokia N96

Nokia N96 (2008)

A multimedia monster with 3.5G, WiFi, GPS and a TV receiver.

 Nokia N800

Nokia N800 (2007)

Second generation Internet Tablet.

 Nokia N810

Nokia N810 Internet Tablet (2007)

Nokia's third generation tablet is Web 2.0 compatible.

 Nokia N810 WiMAX

Nokia N810 WiMAX Edition (2008)

The N810 comes with added WiMAX support for the US Market.

 Nokia N-Gage QD

Nokia N-Gage QD (2004)

A slightly cut down version of the original that fixes many faults and is more compact too.

Nokia N-Gage

Nokia N-Gage (2003)

Clever gaming console meets mobile phone in this long awaited handset.

 Nokia HS-13W

Nokia Wireless Image Headset HS-13W (2004)

Almost a phone in itself, the most sophisticated Bluetooth headset to date.

 FOMA F703i

NTT DoCoMo FOMA F703i (2007)

An unusual fully waterproof phone, for the Japanese market.

 O2 Cocoon

O2 Cocoon (2007)

Attractive clamshell phone.

O2 X1

O2 X1 (2003)

Smart-looking clamshell tightly integrated into O2's Active service.

 O2 X1i

O2 X1i (2004)

Basic camera phone manufactured for O2 by Benq.

 O2 X2

O2 X2 & X3 (2004)

O2's own-brand assault on the mobile phone market continues apace.

 O2 X7

O2 X7 / Grundig M240 (2005)

A basic sliding handset with a 1.3 megapixel camera.

 O2 XDA Atmos

O2 XDA Atmos (2008)

A 3.5G Windows smartphone with a dual keypad arrangement.

 O2 XDA Guide

O2 XDA Guide (2009)

Windows smartphone with built-in TomTom software.


O2 XDA II (2003)

A significant improvement over the old model and a good PDA to boot.


O2 XDA IIs (2004)

Capable Windows smartphone with a QWERTY keyboard and WiFi.

 O2 XDA iQ

O2 XDA iQ (2006)

Capable and compact Windows smartphone.

 O2 XDA Trion

O2 XDA Trion / HTC Hermes (2006)

Another addition to the ever-expanding range of O2 XDA handsets.

 O2 XDA Zest

O2 XDA Zest (2008)

Advanced Windows smartphone that's not too expensive.

 Onyx Liscio

Onyx Liscio (2008)

Ultracompact music phone.

 OpenMoko Neo1973 Developer Preview

OpenMoko Neo1973 Developer Preview (2007)

Open source Linux smartphone aimed at developers.

 Openmoko Neo Freerunner

Openmoko Neo Freerunner (2008)

Open-source smartphone designed for developers and modders.

 Orange SPV C500

Orange SPV C500 (2004)

Probably the smallest Windows Smartphone yet.

 Orange SPV C550

Orange SPV C550 (2005)

Improved version of this popular Windows smartphone.

Orange SPV E200

Orange SPV E200 (2003)

Worthy, technically clever but somehow slightly dull Windows smartphone.

 Orange SPV M500

Orange SPV M500 (2005)

Compact Windows-based Smartphone.

 Orange SPV M700

Orange SPV M700 (2006)

Latest compact PDA-style SPV.

 Palm Centro

Palm Centro (2007)

3G PalmOS device for the US market only.

 Palm Treo 500v

Palm Treo 500v / 500 (2007)

Compact and stylish Windows-based messaging phone.

 Palm Treo 680

Palm Treo 680 (2006)

An entry-level PalmOS messaging smartphone.

 Palm Treo 700p

Palm Treo 700p (2006)

PalmOS version of the 700w smartphone.

 Palm Treo 700w

Palm Treo 700w (2006)

Palm's first Windows smartphone, exclusive to the US Verizon network.

 Palm Treo 750v

Palm Treo 750v (2006)

Palm's first 3G UMTS device, exclusive to Vodafone.

 Palm Treo 755p

Palm Treo 755p (2007)

CDMA/EV-DO smartphone running PalmOS for the US market.

 Palm Treo Pro

Palm Treo Pro (2008)

Advanced Windows messaging device.

 PalmOne Treo 650

PalmOne Treo 650 (2004)

An impressive Smartphone with a large screen and powerful features.

 Panasonic A500

Panasonic A500 (2004)

Slimline clamshell with interchangeable covers.

Panasonic G50

Panasonic G50 (2003)

Very compact and lightweight phone that seems to have been overlooked.

Panasonic G70

Panasonic G70 (2003)

We compare the Panasonic G70 and Siemens Xelibri 6 fashion phones.

 Panasonic VS3

Panasonic VS3 (2005)

Slimline megapixel camera phone.

 Panasonic VS6

Panasonic VS6 (2005)

Low cost phone with a great screen, Bluetooth and a 2 megapixel camera.

 Panasonic VS7

Panasonic VS7 (2005)

Slim two megapixel camera phone.

 Panasonic X100

Panasonic X100 (2004)

Slimline but basic camera phone.

 Panasonic X200

Panasonic X200 (2004)

Ultra slimline camera phone, but still fairly basic.

 Panasonic X300

Panasonic X300 (2004)

An unusual but pretty basic camera phone with a novel flip-out screen.

 Pansasonic X400

Panasonic X400 (2004)

Slim and attractive camera clamshell.

 Panasonic X500

Panasonic X500 (2004)

Compact sliding handset.

Panasonic X70

Panasonic X70 (2003)

Low cost, competent clamshell phone that sadly doesn't get the pulse racing.

 Pansonic X700

Panasonic X700 (2004)

Clamshell camera phone with some powerful built-in software.

 Panasonic X800

Panasonic X800 (2005)

Symbian Smartphone destined to follow the X700 into oblivion.

 Philips Xenium 9@9m

Philips Xenium 9@9m (2007)

Stylus-operated phone with a very long battery life.

 Pirelli Discus DualPhone DP L10

Pirelli Discus DualPhone DP L10 (2006)

Interesting VOIP/GSM hybrid handset.

 Pirelli DP-M30

Pirelli Discus DP-M30 (2007)

Attractive dual-mode VOIP/GSM phone.

 Psion Teklogix iKon

Psion Teklogix iKôn (2007)

A big, powerful industrial device with an impressive feature list.

 REDFLY Mobile Companion

REDFLY Mobile Companion (2008)

Add a decent screen and keyboard to your Windows mobile phone.

 Sagem my300X

Sagem my300X & my301X (2005)

Two slim phones aimed at the value end of the market.

 Sagem my600X

Sagem my600X (2006)

Practical 3G phone that offers good value for money.

 Sagem myC3-2

Sagem myC3-2 and myC3-2j (2005)

Conventionally pretty, lightweight camera clamshell.

 Sagem myC-3b

Sagem myC-3b (2004)

A highly competent offering from Sagem, this time a compact "girlie" clamshell.

 Sagem myC5-2

Sagem myC5-2 (2004)

Good value and compact camera clamshell.

 Sagem myV-85

Sagem myV-85 (2005)

Sagem's first 3G handset, exclusive to Vodafone.

 Sagem myX1-2

Sagem myX1-2 and myX1-2w (2005)

Possibly the cheapest handset on the market.

 Sagem myX2-2

Sagem myX2-2 and myX2-2m (2005)

A very low cost colour handset.

 Sagem myX6-2

Sagem myX6-2 (2005)

Capable handset with a 1.3 megapixel camera, expandable memory and more.

Sagem MyX-7

Sagem MyX-7 (2004)

Competent and attractive camera phone that out-competes the leading brands.

 Sagem myX-8

Sagem myX-8 (2004)

A hugely impressive 1.3 megapixel phone with QVGA display and Bluetooth.

 Sagem VS1

Sagem VS1 (2005)

An ultra-simple handset, exclusive to Vodafone.

 Sagem VS2

Sagem VS2 (2005)

A variant of the Sagem VS1 that's a little more blokey.

 Sagem VS3

Sagem VS3 (2005)

Lightweight, elegant and easy-to-use clamshell.

 Sagem my150x

Sagem my150x (2007)

Attractive, inexpensive phone with a novel display.

 Sagem my220X

Sagem my220X (2007)

Expensive looking phone that's actually very cheap.

 Sagem my721X

Sagem my721X (2008)

Slim fashion phone with a 3.2 megapixel camera.

 Sagem my750C

Sagem my750C (2007)

An elegant handset with an integrated digital TV tuner.

 Sagem my800C

Sagem my800C (2007)

Attractive and lightweight 3G clamshell.

 Sagem my850v

Sagem my850v (2007)

Glossy 3G clamshell, exclusive to Vodafone.

 Samsung B130

Samsung B130 (2008)

Very low cost colour phone.

 Samsnung B210

Samsung B210 (2008)

Low cost handset, also known as the Guru210.

 Samsung B300

Samsung B300 (2008)

Low cost but attractive clamshell.

 Samsung B510

Samsung B510 (2008)

Fairly basic slider phone.

 Samsung B2700

Samsung B2700 (2008)

Rugged 3G phone.

 Samsung Corby TXT

Samsung B3210 Corby TXT (2009(

Fun but simple messaging device.

 Samsung B3310

Samsung B3310 (2009)

Odd-looking messaging phone.

 Samsung Ch@t B3410W

Samsung Ch@t B3410W (2010)

WiFi, touchscreen and QWERTY equipped social networking phone.

 Samsung Genoa C3510

Samsung Genoa C3510 (2010)

Very low cost touchscreen phone.

 Samsung B5702 DUOS

Samsung B5702 DUOS (2009)

Dual-SIM slider.

 Samsung Omnia Lite B7300

Samsung Omnia Lite B7300 (2009)

Cut-down but still capable Windows smartphone.

 Samsung Omnia PRO B7230

Samsung Omnia PRO B7320 (2009)

Practical messaging device.

 Samsung Omnia Pro B7330

Samsung Omnia Pro B7330 (2009)

Windows Mobile 6.5 messaging phone.

 Samsung Omnia 735

Samsung Omnia 735

Probably one of the last Windows 6.5 phones to hit the market.

 Samsung Omnia Pro B7610

Samsung Omnia PRO B7610 (2009)

High-end Windows smartphone with a QWERTY keyboard.

 Samsung C3060R

Samsung C3060R (2009)

Easy-to-use phone with large type and a simplified menu system.

 Samsung C5212 DUOS

Samsung C5212 DUOS (2009)

Low cost dual-SIM phone.

 Samsung C6620

Samsung C6620 (2008)

Affordable messaging device.

 Samsung D500

Samsung D500 (2004)

Sliding phone with 1.3 megapixel camera and Bluetooth.

 Samsung D520

Samsung D520 (2006)

Midrange GSM sliding phone.

 Samsung D600

Samsung D600 (2005)

Evolution of the popular D500 handset.

 Samsung D780 DuoS

Samsung D780 DuoS (2008)

Dual-SIM GSM phone.

 Samsung D800

Samsung D800 (2005)

A very slim sliding phone that makes too many compromises on features.

 Samsung D820

Samsung D820 (2005)

Slim sliding phone with a 1.3 megapixel camera, MP3 player and expandable memory.

 Samsung D830

Samsung D830 / "Ultra Edition 9.9" (2006)

Slim, feature packed clamshell phone.

 Samsung D870

Samsung D870 (2006)

Useful 3 megapixel camera phone let down by dull looks.

 Samsung DuoS

Samsung DuoS (D880) (2007)

A clever dual-SIM GSM phone.

 Samsung D900

Samsung D900 ("Ultra Edition 12.9") (2006)

Impressively compact, powerful slider phone that's just a little bland to look at.

 Samsung D980

Samsung D980 (2008)

Dual-SIM touchscreen phone.

 Samsung E200 Eco

Samsung E200 Eco (2008)

Bioplastic clad phone that wants to save the world.

 Samsung E215

Samsung E215 (2008)

Stylish MP3 phone that offers good value for money.

 Samsung E350

Samsung E350 (2005)

Tiny sliding camera phone.

 Samsung E400

Samsung E400 (2004)

Another low-end but stylish clamshell from Samsung.

 Samsung E420

Samsung E420 (2006)

Stylish, low cost but quite basic clamshell phone.

 Samsung E500

Samsung E500 (SGH-E500) (2006)

An attractive clamshell on the outside, and not too bad on the inside either.

 Samsung E530

Samsung E530 (2005)

A very attractive, lightweight and powerful clamshell phone.

 Samsung E570

Samsung E570 (2006)

Attractive fashion phone.

 Samsung E590

Samsung E590 (2007)

Compact phone with a 3 megapixel camera.

 Samsung E600

Samsung E600 (2004)

Elegant camera phone with curvy good looks.

 Samsung E610

Samsung E610 (2004)

Another incremental improvement to the E-series of Samsung clamshells.

 Samsung E620

Samsung E620 (2005)

Lightweight megapixel camera phone with advanced voice dialling.

Samsung E700

Samsung E700 (2003)

Good looking clamshell that thankfully doesn't come in plain old silver.

 Samsung E720

Samsung E720 (2005)

Compact clamshell with a megapixel camera.

 Samsung E730

Samsung E730 (2005)

Smoother and slightly better version of the E720.

 Samsung E770

Samsung E770 (2006)

Compact multimedia phone with expandable memory.

 Samsung E790

Samsung E790 (2007)

Glossy, compact clamshell.

 Samsung E800

Samsung E800 (2004)

Interesting sliding phone with a passing nod to the Siemens SL55.

 Samsung E810

Samsung E810 (2004)

Slightly strange looking version of the E800 with enhanced video.

 Samsug E850

Samsung E850 (2004)

Compact slider with a pop-out rotating camera.

 Samsung E870

Samsung E870 (2006)

Elegant multimedia clamshell.

 Samsung E900

Samsung E900 (2006)

Two megapixel slider with cute touch-sensitive buttons.

 Samsung E950

Samsung E950 (2007)

Sleek sliding phone.

 Samsung E1070

Samsung E1070 (2009)

Attractive ultra-basic colour mobile.

 Samsung E1100

Samsung E1100 (2009)

Lightweight handset with a flashlight.

 Samsung E1107 Crest Solar

Samsung Crest Solar E1107 (2009)

Low cost solar-powered phone.

 Samsung E1125

Samsung E1125 (2009)

A basic colour phone with an FM radio.

 Samsung E2100

Samsung E2100 (2009)

Basic camera phone with Bluetooth.

 Samsung F110

Samsung F110 / Adidas miCoach (2008)

A phone, or a personal fitness trainer? A little of both, it seems.

 Samsung F200

Samsung F200 (2007)

Compact MP3-player style rotating phone.

 Samsung F210

Samsung F210 (2007)

Stylish and compact multimedia phone.

 Samsung F250

Samsung F250 (2007)

Stylish slider phone.

 Samsung F300

Samsung F300 (2006)

Slim multimedia phone with dual faces.

 Samsung Serenata

Samsung Serenta F310 (2007)

Radically different multimedia phone.

 Samsung F400

Samsung F400 (2008)

Bang & Olufsen enhanced music phone.

 Samsung F480

Samsung F480 (Tocco) (2008)

Touchscreen phone with a 5 megapixel camera.

 Samsung F490

Samsung F490 (2008)

3.5G touchscreen phone.

 Samsung F500

Samsung F500 (2006)

Impressive multimedia phone with strong video capabilities.

Samsung F510 (2007)

Dual-face multimedia phone with a DVB-H receiver.

 Samsung F520

Samsung F520 (2007)

Touchscreen phone with a clever two-way slider.

 Samsung F700

Samsung F700 (2007)

Compact touchscreen smartphone with a slide-out QWERTY keyboard.

 Samsung G400

Samsung G400 (2008)

Sleek 3.5G slider with a 5 megapixel camera.

 Samsung G600

Samsung G600 (SGH-G600) (2007)

5 megapixel slider phone.

 Samsung G800

Samsung G800 (2007)

5 megapixel slider phone with 3G.

 Samsung G810

Samsung G810 (2008)

Symbian smartphone with a 5 megapixel camera, WiFi and GPS.

 Samsung SGH-i300

Samsung SGH-i300 (2005)

Powerful music phone with a 3G hard disk.

 Samsung i310

Samsung i310 (2006)

Capable Windows smartphone with an 8Gb internal hard disk.

 Samsung i320

Samsung i320 (2006)

Capable but ugly messaging smartphone running Windows Mobile.

 Samsung i400

Samsung i400 (2007)

A lightweight sliding Symbian smartphone.

 Samsing i450

Samsung i450 (2007)

3G Symbian slider phone.

 Samsung i520

Samsung i520 (2007)

Compact Symbian slider.

 Samsung i550

Samsung i550 (2007)

An advanced 3.5G smartphone with GPS, with distinctly non-Samsung looks.

 Samsung i560

Samsung i560 (2007)

3G Symbian slider.

 Samsung i600

Samsung i600 (2006)

Compact Windows messaging device with WiFi, 3G and HSDPA support.

 Samsung i620

Samsung i620 (2007)

Clever sliding smartphone.

 Samsung i640

Samsung i640 (2008)

3.5G Windows Mobile slider phone.

 Samsung i780

Samsung i780 (2007)

HSDPA Windows smartphone with WiFi and a touchscreen.

 Samsung Omniav

Samsung Omnia (SGH-i900) (2008)

Feature packed Windows Mobile touchscreen phone.

 Samsung I7500

Samsung I7500 (2009)

Samsung's first Android smartphone.

 Samsung i7110

Samsung i7110 (2008)

Traditional looking Symbian smartphone with GPS.

 Samsung Omnia II

Samsung Omnia II I8000 (2009)

Latest generation touchscreen Windows smartphone.

 Samsung Innov8

Samsung Innov8 (GT-i8510) (2008)

Impressive 8 megapixel Symbian smartphone with GPS.

 Samsung Halo I8520

Samsung Halo I8520

Powerful smartphone with a built-in projector.

 Samsung Omnia HD

Samsung Omnia HD (i8910) (2009)

Class leading Symbian touchscreen phone.

 Samsung J400

Samsung J400 (2008)

Basic but smart 3G phone.

 Samsung L170

Samsung L170 (2008)

Glossy, lightweight 3G phone.

 Samsung L310

Samsung L310 (2008)

Attractive clamshell phone from the "La Fleur" range.

 Samsung L600

Samsung L600 (2007)

Sliding fashion phone.

 Samsung L700

Samsung L700 (Samsung Eureka) (2008)

Basic but attractive 3G phone.

 Samsung L760

Samsung L760 (2007)

3G slider aimed at bloggers and content sharers.

 Samsung L770

Samsung L770 (2008)

Sleek 3.5G phone.

 Samsung L870

Samsung L870 (2008)

3.5G Symbian slider phone.

 Samsung M110

Samsung M110 (Samsung Solid) (2008)

Compact and very durable handset.

 Samsung M200

Samsung M200 (2008)

Attractive, low cost candy bar phone.

 Samsung M300

Samsung M300 (2007)

A compact version of a classic clamshell design.

 Samsung M310

Samsung M310 (2008)

Basic camera clamshell phone.

 Samsung M3200

Samsung M3200 (2008)

Competent but rather unexciting music phone.

 Samsung M3510

Samsung M3510 (2008)

Lightweight music phone.

 Samsung Night Effect

Samsung Night Effect (M7500) (2008)

"Emporio Armani" branded 3G music phone.

 Samsung BEATDJ

Samsung BEATDJ M7600 (2009)

Advanced music playback in an attractive touchscreen design.

 Samsung BEAT DISC

Samsung BEAT DISC M7610 (2009)

Clever multimedia phone.

 Samsung M8800

Samsung M8800 Pixon (2008)

Advanced touchscreen phone with an 8 megapixel camera.

 Samsung M8910 Pixon 12

Samsung M8910 Pixon 12 (2009)

A touchscreen phone with a very advanced 12 megapixel camera.

 Samsung P180

Samsung P180

Cheap clamshell capable of UMA VOIP calls.

 Samsung P200

Samsung P200 (2006)

A conventional looking slider phone with the clever addition of UMA VOIP support.

 Samsung P260

Samsung P260 (2007)

Unassuming slider phone with VOIP and WiFi.

 Samsung P300

Samsung P300 (2005)

A tiny and lightweight phone that's also fully featured.

 Samsung P310

Samsung P310 (2006)

Extremely impressive ultra-compact device that's stuffed with features.

 Samsung P510

Samsung P510 (2004)

Competent mid-range camera clamshell phone.

 Giorgio Armani Samsung Mobile Phone

Giorgio Armani-Samsung Mobile Phone (P520)

Very compact touchscreen phone.

 Samsung P730

Samsung P730 (2004)

High-definition camera phone with a few tricks up its sleeve.

 Samsung P900 / P910

Samsung P900 / P910 (2006)

Unusual looking 3G phone with a built-in digital TV tuner.

 Samsung P960

Samsung P960 (2008)

3G phone with a DVB-H digital TV tuner.

 Samsung SPH-P9000

Samsung SPH-P9000 (2006)

Clever hybrid mobile device for the Korean market only.

 Samsung S500i

Samsung S500i (2005)

Powerful and compact i-Mode phone.

 Samsung S730i

Samsung S730i (2007)

i-mode slider phone.

 Samsung Tobi

Samsung Tobi S3030 (2008)

Fun phone aimed at a younger market.

 Samsung S3500

Samsung S3500 (2009)

Stainless steel clad slider.

 Samsung S3600

Samsung S3600 (2008)

Attractive clamshell with some useful security features.

 Samsung Corby S3650

Samsung Corby S3650 (2009)

Low cost touchscreen phone.

 Samsung S5200

Samsung S5200 (2009)

Attractive GSM slider phone.

 Samsung S5230

Samsung Tocco Lite (S5230) (2009)

Good looking but relatively low specification touchscreen phone.

 Samsung Shark S5350

Samsung Shark S5350 (2010)

Midrange phone with support for social networking.

 Samsung Shark 2 S5550

Samsung Shark 2 S5550 (2010)

3G slider phone with social networking support.

 Samsung S5600

Samsung S5600 (2009)

Midrange touchscreen phone.

 Samsung Lucido

Samsung Lucido S7220 (2009)

Sleek and quite powerful candy-bar phone.

 Samsung S7220 Ultra b

Samsung S7220 Ultra b (2009)

Lightweight but powerful handset.

 Samsung S7330

Samsung S7330 (2008)

A cut down version of the fashionable Soul.

 Samsung Jet S8000

Samsung Jet S8000 (2009)

Fast and versatile touchscreen phone.

 Samsung Tocco Ultra Edition

Samsung Tocco Ultra Edition (GT-S8300 / UltraTOUCH) (2009)

Touchscreen slider with GPS and an 8 megapixel camera.

 Samsung S9110

Samsung S9110

Very cool looking and clever watch phone.

 Samsung Ego S9402

Samsung Ego S9402 (2008)

Dual-SIM phone with a clever alloy casing.

 Samsung Gravity 2

Samsung Gravity 2 (T469) (2009)

Messaging phone, exclusive to T-Mobile USA.

 Samsung Comeback T559

Samsung Comeback (Samsung T559)

Dual keypad and screen messaging phone for T-Mobile USA.

 Samsung Memoir

Samsung Memoir (SGH-T929)

8 megapixel touchscreen phone for T-Mobile USA.

 Samsung U100

Samsung U100 (2007)

The slimmest phone in the world to date.

 Samsung U300

Samsung U300 (2007)

Ultra-slim clamshell phone.

 Samsung U600

Samsung U600 (2007)

Slim and fashionable slider phone.

 Samsung U700

Samsung U700 (2007)

Stylish HSDPA slider.

 Samsung Alias 2

Samsung Alias 2 U750 (2009)

Two-way clamshell phone with an electronic ink keypad for the US market.

 Samsung U800 Soul b

Samsung U800 Soul b (2008)

A conventional 3.5G phone with a little bit of Soul.

 Samsung Soul

Samsung Soul U900 (2008)

Attractive, dual-screen slider.

 Samsung AMOLED 12M

Samsung W880 AMOLED 12M (2009)

Advanced camera phone for the Korean market.

 Samsung X100

Samsung X100 (2004)

Cheaper and better than most Nokias, the X100 is a good looking phone too.

 Samsung X450

Samsung X450 (2004)

A very basic clamshell, designed to be great value for money.

 Samsung X460

Samsung X460 (2004)

Stylish, lightweight camera phone.

Samsung X480 (2005)

Low cost, lightweight clamshell.

 Samsung X520

Samsung X520 (2006)

An attractive, low-cost camera clamshell.

 Samsung X610

Samsung X610 (2004)

Ultra-slim and light camera phone.

 Samsung X640

Samsung X640 (2005)

Lightweight and smooth camera clamshell phone.

 Samsung X820

Samsung X820 (SGH-X820) (2006)

An incredibly slim and lightweight handset with lots of features.

 Samsung X830

Samsung X830 (Samsung Blush) (2006)

A radically different, powerful and very compact multimedia phone.

 Samsung z105

Samsung z105 (2004)

Samsung first 3G phone is elegant and compact.

 Samsung z130

Samsung Z130 (2005)

Unusual 3G handset with a rotating display.

 Samsung Z150

Samsung Z150 (2006)

Impressively slim and lightweight 3G phone.

 Samsung Z300

Samsung Z300 (2005)

Compact 3G handset with advanced multimedia capabilities.

 Samsung Z320i

Samsung Z320i (2005)

Compact 3G slider that's also one of O2's first i-mode phones.

 Samsung Z350

Samsung Z350 (2006)

Conventionally styled 3G slider.

 Samsung Z500

Samsung Z500 (2005)

The most compact 3G phone to date.

 Samsung Z510

Samsung Z510 (2005)

Lightweight and slim 3G phone.

 Samsung Z540

Samsung Z540 (2005)

Lightweight and slim 3G phone.

 Samsung Z560

Samsung Z560 (2006)

Multimedia-orientated 3.5G HSDPA handset.

 Samsung Z630

Samsung Z630 (2007)

HSDPA slider.

 Samsung Z650i

Samsung Z650i (2006)

3G i-mode sliding phone.

 Samsung Z710

Samsung Z710 (2006)

Swivelling 3G clamshell with a 3.2 megapixel camera.

 Samsung ZV50

Samsung ZV50 (SGH-ZV50) (2006)

One of the first 3.5G HSDPA phones to market, exclusive to Vodafone.

 Sanyo S750

Sanyo S750 (2004)

This powerful 3G phone has good features but isn't very pretty.

 Sanyo S750i

Sanyo S750i (2005)

Prettier version of this 3G phone, exclusive to Orange.

 Sendo P600

Sendo P600 (2004)

Attractive mass-market camera phone that promises excellent value for money.

 Sendo SV663

Sendo SV663 (2004)

Good quality pay-as-you-go phone, exclusive to Vodafone.

Sendo X

Sendo X (2003)

Feature packed contender in the Smartphone market.

 Sharp 703

Sharp 703 / Vodafone V703SH (2005)

Very lightweight 3G handset, in a variety of bright colours.

 Sharp 802

Sharp 802 (2004)

1.3 megapixel 3G phone with a swivelling display.

 Sharp 902

Sharp 902 (2004)

Hugely impressive 3G phone with a 2 megapixel camera, optical zoom and large display.

 Sharp 903

Sharp 903 / Vodafone V903SH (2005)

A 3.2 megapixel 3G phone with a high resolution screen.

 Sharp 904 / Vodafone 904SH

Sharp 904 / Vodafone 904SH (2006)

High end 3G phone with a high density display and 3.2 megapixel camera.

 Sharp GX25

Sharp GX25 (2004)

Compact Bluetooth headset with an excellent main display.

 Sharp GX30

Sharp GX30 (2004)

The phone to beat in 2004, with better features than any previous clamshell.

 Sharp GX33

Sharp GX33 (2007)

Attractive but basic clamshell phone.

 Sharp GX40

Sharp GX40 (2006)

Long awaited multimedia capable clamshell phone.

 Sharp SX862

Sharp SX862 (2008)

Clever widescreen phone exclusive to Hong Kong.

 Sharp TM100

Sharp TM100 (2004)

A T-Mobile exclusive camera phone with a fantastic screen.

 Sharp TM200

Sharp TM200 (2004)

Simply the best specified GSM handset we've ever seen.

 Sharp V602SH

Sharp V602SH (2004)

Another Japanese-only clamshell with a 2 megapixel camera with optical zoom.

 Siemens A70

Siemens A70 (2005)

Very basic monochrome phone that's lightweight and easy to use.

 Siemens A75

Siemens A75 (2005)

Very low cost colour phone with smart looks.

 Siemens AP75

Siemens AP75 (2005)

Unlovely relic of a phone, but at least it's cheap and has Bluetooth.

 Siemens AX75

Siemens AX75 (2005)

Inexpensive but appealing colour phone.

 Siemens C65

Siemens C65 (2004)

Low cost but fun camera phone

 Siemens C75

Siemens C75 (2005)

Low cost camera phone.

 Siemens CF62

Siemens CF62 (2004)

Angular compact clamshell with an antenna that's also a carrying handle

 Siemens CF75

Siemens CF75 (2005)

Basic but attractive camera clamshell.

 Siemens CL75

Siemens CL75 (2005)

Extremely attractive camera phone that's a bit "girlie".

 Siemens CX65

Siemens CX65 (2004)

Large screen camera phone that challenges the class leading T630.

 Siemens CX75

Siemens CX75 (2005)

Surprising well-specified camera phone.

 Siemens M65

Siemens M65 (2004)

Toughened-up phone for the outdoors life.

 Siemens M75

Siemens M75 (2005)

Rugged, chunky and well specified camera phone.

Siemens MC60

Siemens MC60 (2003)

Low cost camera phone that looks good too.

 Siemens ME75

Siemens ME75 (2005)

Rugged, compact but fairly basic camera phone.

 Siemens S65

Siemens S65 (2004)

Capable camera phone pitched as business users.

 Siemens SF65

Siemens SF65 (2004)

Unusual swivelling megapixel camera phone.

 Siemens SK65

Siemens SK65 (2004)

An unusual rotating phone with a QWERTY keyboard, Bluetooth and Blackberry support.

 Siemens SL65

Siemens SL65 (2004)

Not quite the replacement for the SL55 we were hoping for.

 Siemens SL75

Siemens SL75 (2005)

Capable and attractive compact slider.

 Siemens SP65

Siemens SP65 (2005)

Camera-less business phone.

Siemens ST55

Siemens ST55 (2003)

Compact, good looking mobile that's lightweight but full of features.

 Siemens SXG75

Siemens SXG75 (2005)

Powerful 3G phone with an impressive set of features.

Xelibri 6

Siemens Xelibri 6 (2003)

We compare the Panasonic G70 and Siemens Xelibri 6 fashion phones.

 Sonim XP3 Enduro

Sonim XP3 Enduro (2008)

Probably the toughest phone ever made.

 Sony Ericsson C510

Sony Ericsson C510 (2009)

The cheapest Cyber-shot phone yet.

 Sony Ericsson C702

Sony Ericsson C702 (2008)

Cyber-shot phone with GPS.

 Sony Ericsson C901

Sony Ericsson C901 (2009)

Traditional format 5 megapixel phone.

 Sony Ericsson C902

Sony Ericsson C902 (2008)

5 megapixel Cyber-shot phone.

 Sony Ericsson C903

Sony Ericsson C903 (2009)

Useful but undistinguished 5 megapixel slider phone.

 Sony Ericsson C905

Sony Ericsson C905 (2008)

8.1 megapixel camera phone with GPS.

 Sony Ericsson D750i

Sony Ericsson D750i (2005)

A T-Mobile version of the capable W800i and K750i handset.

 Sony Ericsson F305

Sony Ericsson F305 (2008)

Novel gaming phone.

 Sony Ericsson F500i

Sony Ericsson F500i (2004)

Low cost but fun phone exclusive to Vodafone.

 Sony Ericsson G502

Sony Ericsson G502 (2008)

Lightweight 3.5G phone.

 Sony Ericsson G700

Sony Ericsson G700 (2008)

Mainstream phone with a touchscreen and the Symbian OS.

 Sony Ericsson G705

Sony Ericsson G705 (2008)

3.5G slider with GPS and WiFi.

 Sony Ericsson G900

Sony Ericsson G900 (2008)

Touchscreen phone with a 5 megapixel camera.

 Sony Ericsson J132

Sony Ericsson J132 (2008)

Basic colour phone with a radio and torch.

 Sony Ericsson J220

Sony Ericsson J220 (2005)

A simple phone with a bit of style.

 Sony Ericsson J230

Sony Ericsson J230 (2005)

A simple phone with an FM radio.

 Sony Ericsson J300

Sony Ericsson J300 (2005)

Basic but fun colour phone.

 Sony Ericsson K300

Sony Ericsson K300 (2005)

Basic but fun camera phone.

 Sony Ericsson K310

Sony Ericsson K310 (2006)

Basic camera phone with Bluetooth.

 Sony Ericsson K330

Sony Ericsson K330 (2008)

Entry-level camera phone.

 Sony Ericsson K500i

Sony Ericsson K500 (2004)

Fully-featured phone in five different flavours.,

 Sony Ericsson K510

Sony Ericsson K510 (2006)

Lower-midrange phone with a 1.3 megapixel camera.

 Sony Ericsson K530i

Sony Ericsson K530i (2007)

Compact 3G phone.

 Sony Ericsson K550i

Sony Ericsson K550i (2007)

A slim Cyber-shot phone that follows on from the popular K750i.

 Sony Ericsson K550im

Sony Ericsson K550im (2007)

Take a K550i, add i-mode and you have the K550im.

 Sony Ericsson K600

Sony Ericsson K600 / K600i (2005)

Mainstream and slightly more compact that usual 3G device.

 Sony Ericsson K610i

Sony Ericsson K610i (2006)

Lightweight and elegant 3G phone.

 Sony Ericsson K610im

Sony Ericsson K610im (2006)

Lightweight 3G phone with added i-mode.

 Sony Ericsson K618i

Sony Ericsson K618i (2006)

Another variant of the lightweight 3G K610i.

 Sony Ericsson K630i

Sony Ericsson K630i (2007)

Fairly inexpensive HSDPA phone.

 Sony Ericsson K660i

Sony Ericsson K660i (2007)

A 3.5G phone with a novel web browser.

 Sony Ericsson T700

Sony Ericsson K700 / K700i (2004)

Like the T630, only technically better and a lot more fun. Is this the T650 with a new name?

 Sony Ericsson K750

Sony Ericsson K750 (2005)

Two megapixel camera phone with strong multimedia capabilities.

 Sony Ericsson K770i

Sony Ericsson K770i (2007)

3G Cyber-shot phone with a 3.2 megapixel camerea.

 Sony Ericsson K790

Sony Ericsson K790 (2006)

Similar to the SE K800, but with EDGE instead of 3G.

 Sony Ericsson K800

Sony Ericsson K800 (2006)

A "Cybershot" branded 3G phone with a 3.2 megapixel camera.

 Sony Ericsson K810i

Sony Ericsson K810i (2007)

A reworking of the popular K800i.. but is it really any better?

 Sony Ericsson K850i

Sony Ericsson K850i (2007)

5 megapixel Cyber-shot phone.

 Sony Ericsson M600i

Sony Ericsson M600i (2006)

Impressive UIQ-based Symbian smartphone.

 Sony Ericsson P1i

Sony Ericsson P1i (2007)

Latest in a long line of P-series smartphones.

Sony Ericsson P900

Sony Ericsson P900 (2003)

Sony Ericsson's worst-kept secret. The P900 is a class-leading combined PDA/phone.

 Sony Ericsson P910

Sony Ericsson P910 (2004)

A useful enhancement to the P900, with a QWERTY keyboard and more.

 Sony Ericsson P990

Sony Ericsson P990 / P990i (2005)

Symbian smartphone with 3G, WiFi and a 2 megapixel digital camera.

 Sony Ericsson R300 Radio

Sony Ericsson R300 Radio (2008)

Musical entertainment on a budget.

 Sony Ericsson R306

Sony Ericsson R306 Radio (2008)

Low cost clamshell phone with useful FM/AM radio features.

 Sony Ericsson S302

Sony Ericsson S302 (2008)

Lightweight "snapshot" phone.

 Sony Ericsson S500

Sony Ericsson S500i (2007)

Stylish slider phone.

 Sony Ericsson S700

Sony Ericsson S700 (2004)

A radically different and fun PDA/phone hybrid with a rotating keypad.

 Sony Ericsson T280

Sony Ericsson T280 (2008)

Low cost and attractive camera phone.

 Sony Ericsson T290

Sony Ericsson T290 (2004)

Extremely basic colour handset, but very lightweight and with excellent battery life.

 Sony Ericsson T303

Sony Ericsson T303 (2008)

Compact but basic slider phone.

Sony Ericsson T630

Sony Ericsson T630 (2004)

Slight enhancement over the T610, but in a prettier case.

 Sony Ericsson T650

Sony Ericsson T650 (2007)

Smart midrange phone.

 Sony Ericsson T700

Sony Ericsson T700 (2008)

Lightweight fashion phone inspired by the T610.

 Sony Ericsson V600i

Sony Ericsson V600i (2005)

Straightforward but understated 3G handset, exclusive to Vodafone.

 Sony Ericsson V640i

Sony Ericsson V640i (2007)

Midrange HSDPA music phone, exclusive to Vodafone.

 Sony Ericsson V630i

Sony Ericsson V630i (2006)

A Vodafone version of the lightweight K610i 3G phone.

 Sony Ericsson V800

 Sony Ericsson V800 (2004)

Compact megapixel 3G clamshell phone.

 Sony Ericsson W200

Sony Ericsson W200 (2007)

Lightweight and inexpensive "Walkman" phone.

 Sony Ericsson W300i

Sony Ericsson W300i (2006)

A relatively low-end "Walkman" branded music clamshell.

 Sony Ericsson W302

Sony Ericsson W302 (2008)

Basic but lightweight music phone.

 Sony Ericsson W350

Sony Ericsson W350 (2007)

Attractive, lightweight music phone.

 Sony Ericsson W380

Sony Ericsson W380 (2007)

A pretty basic "Walkman" phone with a few clever features.

 Sony Ericsson W508

Sony Ericsson W508 (2009)

Attractive "Walkman" clamshell phone.

 Sony Erisson W550

Sony Ericsson W550 (2005)

Sony Ericsson's third "Walkman" branded phone with peer-to-peer gaming.

 Sony Ericsson W580i

Sony Ericsson W580i (2007)

A slim sliding "Walkman" phone.

 Sony Ericsson W595

Sony Ericsson W595 (2008)

Midrange 3.5G music phone.

 Sony Ericsson W600a

Sony Ericsson W600i (2005)

Second "Walkman" branded phone.

 Sony Ericsson W610i

Sony Ericsson W610i (2007)

A sleek reworking of the original "Walkman" phone.

 Sony Ericsson W660i

Sony Ericsson W660i (2007)

A 3G addition to the "Walkman" lineup of phones.

 Sony Ericsson W700i

Sony Ericsson W700i (2006)

A reworking of the popular W800 "Walkman" phone.

 Sony Ericsson W705

Sony Ericsson W705 (2008)

Yet another "Walkman" branded phone.

 Sony Ericsson W710i

Sony Ericsson W710i (2006)

Walkman phone aimed at those people with active lifestyles.

 Sony Ericsson W715

Sony Ericsson W715 (2009)

Walkman slider with GPS, exclusive to Vodafone.

 Sony Ericsson W760i

Sony Ericsson W760i (2008)

Walkman slider with GPS.

 Sony Ericsson W800

Sony Ericsson W800 (2005)

"Walkman" phone with enhanced audio playback features.

 Sony Ericsson W810

Sony Ericsson W810 (2006)

An upgrade of the popular W800 Walkman phone.

 Sony Ericsson W850i

Sony Ericsson W850i (2006)

Sony Ericsson's first slider is a 3G Walkman phone.

 Sony Ericsson W880i

Sony Ericsson W880i (2007)

A very slim, lightweight and stylish 3G Walkman phone.

 Sony Ericsson W890i

Sony Ericsson W890i (2007)

Advanced features.. but without the weight.

 Sony Ericsson W900

Sony Ericsson W900 / W900i (2005)

3G "Walkman" phone with stacks of internal memory.

 Sony Ericsson W902

Sony Ericsson W902 (2008)

Walkman phone with a 5 megapixel camera.

 Sony Ericsson W910i

Sony Ericsson W910i (2007)

Lightweight 3.5G music phone.

 Sony Ericsson W950i

Sony Ericsson W950i (2006)

Powerful "Walkman" handset that is also a 3G Symbian smartphone.

 Sony Ericsson W960i

Sony Ericsson W960i (2007)

Powerful 3G "Walkman" smartphone.

 Sony Ericsson W980i

Sony Ericsson W980i (2008)

HSDPA "Walkman" phone with 8GB of memory.

 Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1

Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1 (2008)

Advanced Windows smartphone with GPS.

 Sony Ericsson Z300

Sony Ericsson Z300 (2005)

Easy to use, low cost and elegant clamshell phone.

 Sony Ericsson Z310

Sony Ericsson Z310i / Z310a (2006)

A very stylish but quite basic clamshell phone.

 Sony Ericsson Z520

Sony Ericsson Z520 (2005)

Stylish camera clamshell phone.

 Sony Ericsson Z530

Sony Ericsson Z530 (2006)

Inexpensive clamshell multimedia phone with expandable memory.

 Sony Ericsson Z550i

Sony Ericsson Z550i (2006)

Capable midrange clamshell.

 Sony Ericsson Z555

Sony Ericsson Z555 (2008)

Diamond-themed fashion phone.

 Sony Ericsson Z558

Sony Ericsson Z558 (2006)

Compact clamshell with handwriting recognition.

Sony Ericsson Z600

Sony Ericsson Z600 (2003)

Sony Ericsson's first attempt at a clamshell has good and bad points.

 Sony Ericsson Z610i

Sony Ericsson Z610i (2006)

Attractive, glossy 3G clamshell.

 Sony Ericsson Z710i

Sony Ericsson Z710i (2006)

Versatile clamshell phone with a long battery life.

 Sony Ericsson Z750

Sony Ericsson Z750 (2007)

An HSDPA clamshell aimed at the North American market.

 Sony Ericsson Z770i

Sony Ericsson Z770i (2008)

Fashionable business phone.

 Sony Ericsson Z780

Sony Ericsson Z780 (2008)

HSPDA clamshell with GPS.

 Sony Ericsson Z800

Sony Ericsson Z800 / Z800i (2005)

Stylish 3G clamshell with a megapixel camera.

 T-Mobile Ameo

T-Mobile Ameo (2007)

A very high end Windows smartphone with laptop like capabilities.

 T-Mobile G1

T-Mobile G1 (2008)

The first Android-based smartphone is aimed at Google users.

 T-Mobile MDA Basic

T-Mobile MDA Basic (2009)

Entry level Windows touchscreen smartphone.

 T-Mobile MDA Compact III

T-Mobile MDA Compact III (2006)

Windows smartphone with inbuilt satellite navigation.

 T-Mobile MDA Compact

T-Mobile MDA Compact (2004)

Smaller, lighter version of a PDA-style Windows smartphone.

 T-Mobile MDA Compact IV

T-Mobile MDA Compact IV (2008)

T-Mobile's version of the HTC Touch Diamond.

 T-Mobile MDA Compact V

T-Mobile MDA Compact V (2009)

Variant of the powerful HTC Touch Diamond2

 T-Mobile MDA III

T-Mobile MDA III (2004)

Unique and highly impressive Windows Smartphone.

 T-Mobile MDA IV

T-Mobile MDA IV (2005)

Highly sophisticated Windows Smartphone.

 T-Mobile MDA Vario II

T-Mobile MDA Vario II (2006)

A powerful Windows smartphone with HSDPA (3.5G) support.

 T-Mobile MDA Vario IV

T-Mobile MDA Vario IV (2008)

A powerful Windows smartphone with a QWERTY keyboard.

 T-Mobile MDA Vario V

T-Mobile MDA Vario V (2009)

T-Mobile version of the HTC Touch Pro2

 T-Mobile myTouch 3G

T-Mobile myTouch 3G (2009)

Android-based touchscreen phone.

 T-Mobile SDA Music

T-Mobile SDA Music (2004)

Compact Windows smartphone with enhanced media playback.

 T-Mobile SDA

T-Mobile SDA (2004)

Compact Windows smartphone similar to the Orange SPV C500.

 T-Mobile Sidekick 3

T-Mobile Sidekick 3 (2006)

The latest version of this popular messaging device has a 1.3 megapixel camera.

 T-Mobile Sidekick LX 2009

T-Mobile Sidekick LX 2009 (2009)

T-Mobile USA's latest messaging phone.

 T-Mobile Vairy Touch

T-Mobile Vairy Touch (2009)

Budget touchscreen phone.

 Telstra T165i

Telstra T165i

Australian 3G phone designed for rural users.

 Toshiba G450

Toshiba G450 (2008)

A radically different approach to mobile phone design.

Toshiba K01 (2010)

Powerful Windows touchscreen phone with a QWERTY keyboard.

 Toshiba Portégé G500

Toshiba Portégé G500 (2007)

Windows slider phone with WiFi and HSDPA.

 Toshiba Portege G710

Toshiba Portégé G710 (2008)

Windows messaging phone with GPS.

 Toshiba Portege G810

Toshiba Portégé G810 (2008)

3.5G touchscreen phone with WiFi and GPS.

 Toshiba Portege G900

Toshiba Portégé G900 (2007)

Windows Mobile 6.0 smartphone with a QWERTY keyboard, WiFi and HSDPA.

 Toshiba Portege G910 / G920

Toshiba Portégé G910 / G920 (2008)

Windows smartphone with a QWERTY keyboard and GPS.

 Toshiba TG01

Toshiba TG01 (2009)

Big, powerful and good looking Windows smartphone.

 Toshiba TS10

Toshiba TS10 (2005)

Distinctive design lifts this otherwise unexciting handset.

 Toshiba TS605

Toshiba TS605 (2006)

Slim, elegant handset in a variety of colours.

 Toshiba TS608

Toshiba TS608 (2006)

Slim and elegant phone with a 1.3 megapixel camera.

 Toshiba TS921

Toshiba TS921 (2005)

Another worldwide 3G release, exclusive to Vodafone.

 Tovo t450g

Tovo t450g (2006)

Hybrid GSM / WiFi VOIP handset.

 Velocity 103

Velocity 103 (2008)

Touchscreen Windows phone with a VGA resolution display.

 Velocity 111

Velocity 111 (2008)

Windows smartphone with a touchscreen and QWERTY keypad.

 Virgin Lobster 700TV

Virgin Lobster 700TV (2006)

Windows smartphone with a DAB TV receiver.

 VK Mobile VK2000

VK Mobile VK2000 (2005)

The smallest, lightest handset that we've ever seen.

 Vodafone 150

Vodafone 150 (2010)

Billed as the cheapest phone in the world and aimed at emerging markets.

 Vodafone 250

Vodafone 250 (2010)

Very low cost colour phone.

 Vodafone 360 H1

Vodafone 360 H1 (2009)

Linux powered handset with social networking features.

 Vodafone 710

Vodafone 710 (2006)

Dull 3G clamshell phone.

 Vodafone v1620

Vodafone v1620 (2005)

A Windows-based smartphone with a QWERTY keyboard and WiFi.

 ZTE F866

ZTE F866 (2006)

Low cost 3G phone from this little known Chinese manufacturer.


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