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Samsung L310 and L320 Preview (SGH-L310 and SGH-L320)

27th January 2008

Two new additions to Samsung's La Fleur range, the SGH-L310 and SGH-L320 are aimed at the female market. At the moment, we don't have all the technical specifications to hand, but it is likely that these two phones trade looks for features somewhat.

 Samsung L310 Samsung L310 (SGH-L310)

A clamshell phone, the Samsung L310 has what appears to be 176 x 220 pixel screen, a 2.0 megapixel camera and microSD expandable memory.

The SGH-L310 also supports stereo Bluetooth, it comes with an FM radio and MP3 player and it accepts a 3.5mm headphone connection. A concealed external indicator shows when a message has arrived.

The user interface is highly customisable, and the Samsung L310 comes with a variety of what Samsung think are "female friendly" applications, such as a calorie counter and shopping list function.

It's not a hugely sophisticated phone in terms of technical feaures, but the Samsung L310 will sell mostly on looks. It is more than just a standard clamshell with a pattern on it - the SGH-L310 also has an unusual S-shaped loop that incorporates the hinge, and even the camera lense has a decorative frame. The standard sales package includes a leather case to keep the L310 in.

The styling may not be to everyone's tastes, but it certainly a very striking handset to look at.

 Samsung L320 Samsung L320 (SGH-L320)

Offering a broadly similar set of features to the L310, the Samsung L320 comes in a more rounded case.

Again, the SGH-L320 comes with a 176 x 220 pixel display, 2 megapixel camera, microSD expandable memory, a 3.5mm headphone socket, FM radio and MP3 player. There's a similar application suite too.

Samsung say that the design of the SGH-L320 is meant to be like a seashell, combined with decorative images on the front and back. We're not so sure - it looks a bit like some sort of beetle to us!

There's also a discretely hidden external display on the SGH-L320, just visible in the "camera stripe" on the case. Other than that, the exterior is quite minimalist.

Samsung haven't said exactly when the L310 and L320 models will become available, and at the moment only Russia has been announced as a marketplace, but we would guess that they will be out before the spring.

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