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Nokia 770 Internet Tablet

 Nokia 770 Discontinued
25th May 2005

The Nokia 770 is billed as an "Internet Tablet" - and in fact, it isn't a phone at all. However, it can be seen as a logical evolution to widescreen devices such as the Nokia 7710 Smartphone.

This is an interesting device in a number of different ways. Firstly, the hardware: the Nokia 770 features a 800x480 pixel touchscreen in 65,000 colours, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity and expandable memory using RS-MMC cards. There's no GSM, GPRS or 3G connectivity here - it can be seen either as a portable device for the home or office or a rather impressive accessory for an existing Bluetooth phone.

The second interesting thing about the Nokia 770 is software. Breaking with traditions, this is not a Symbian device , although you might have expected the same version of Symbian as on the Nokia 7710, but it isn't. Instead, the Nokia 770 is a Linux device, running a development platform called Maemo. And although Nokia hold several patents for this platform, they intent to open up access to their intellectual property to aid development.

 Nokia 770 with pen As we said - there's no inbuilt GPRS or 3G data here, you need to use the Nokia 770 with another device such as a Bluetooth phone or WiFi gateway. The Nokia 770 is compatible with handsets that support the Bluetooth 1.2 specification and come with File Transfer (FT) and Dial-up networking (DUN) support. It is fully compatible for FT and DUN connectivity to the latest range of Bluetooth phones, but for older handsets such as the 6310i, 6600 and 8910i and surprisingly the N-Gage and N-Gage QD you can only use the handsets for dial-up networking, rather than file transfer.

WiFi support is for 802.11b and 802.11g wireless ethernet. We don't know exactly what encryption levels are available though. This makes the Nokia 770 an ideal second computer for a home environment, or a very flexible tool for a variety of business applications.

The Nokia 770 comes with a sophisticated set of software too. The core software bundle is named "Internet Tablet 2005", and it includes a fully featured web browser based on Opera (including javascript and Flash compatibility), RSS news reader, MP3 and streaming audio playback, video playback and a comprehensive image view. The Nokia 770 can also read Adobe Acrobat PDF files. On top of this is an email client featuring all common mail protocols.

In 2006 the software distribution will be upgraded to "Internet Tablet 2006" which will include some new features including VoIP (internet telephony). Nokia indicate that the software can be upgraded from the 2005 version to the 2006 version but don't currently give any details on pricing or upgrade mechanism.

 Nokia 770 This is a very large device, at 141x79x19mm and 230 grams (half a pound!). Browsing time is up to 3 hours, with 7 days standby. The sales package includes a desk stand and charger.

Nokia say that the 770 will start shipping in the third quarter to "selected countries in the Americas and Europe". We're not quite sure which countries, and when exactly it will be launched in those countries though, but you can assume that there will be a roaring trade for retailers who ship internationally. The rumint is that the Nokia 770 will be around 300/$350/200 although we think that the device may well be more than that.. it's certainly worth more than that to people who need this type of device.

This is a great device, and it shows real "out of the box" thinking from Nokia. In fact, it makes the older Nokia 7710 look like yesterday's technology, especially when you consider that you can mix and match the Nokia 770 with either a 3G or 2G phone (and not just a Nokia), or just use WiFi. From a practical perspective, this means that you don't have to carry around a phone the size of a brick just because you sometimes want to access the web - you can carry a normal-sized phone and just bring the Nokia 770 with you when you need it.

The most frustrating thing about the Nokia 770 is going to be the wait. Frankly, we at Mobile Gazette are drooling at this device and think that this could make significant inroads into the ultraportable laptop market, as well as being the ultimate accessory for your phone.

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Nokia 7710 at a glance


Q3 2005


WiFi + Bluetooth only


WiFi + Bluetooth only


800x480 pixels, 65,000 colours




Wide tablet device
141x79x19mm / 230 grams









Battery life:

3 hours talk / 7 days standby


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