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Siemens M65

 Siemens M65 Discontinued
18th March 2004

The Siemens M65 is aimed at those people who enjoy outdoors activities and need a phone that's a little tougher than normal.

The M65 features a large 132x176 pixel display in 65,000 colours and has a built-in VGA camera. There's Java support, but no Bluetooth.

The M65 is pitched at a strange market segment, defined by the Nokia 5000-series, and with a flagship of the long-awaited Nokia 5140, but the M65 is much better in specification terms.

 Bike-o-meter It's designed to be water, shock and dust resistant (but not proof) which will give the usually fragile electronics some protection. There's a funky set of orange rubbery covers to protect vital components when not in use.. a simple idea that no-one else uses. It comes a metal protection frame and rubbery casing too.. we guess you can't drive a truck into it, but it's the sort of reassuring feeling you might get from driving a Volvo.

There's an optional "Bike-o-meter" function in the phone that means you can plug it in to your bicycle for telemetry and navigation information. We can't make up our mind if this is a gimmick or useful innovation. There's a range of action and sports games too.

At first glance this seems to be aimed at rubber fetishists and sports jocks, but actually the M65 is a pretty well specified phone compared to most of the competition. Yes, Bluetooth and a megapixel camera would be nice, but the specification isn't bad and we feel that the M65 will probably be reasonably popular in the market as a whole, simply because of its reassuring toughness, decent screen and stylish but understated looks.

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Siemens M65 Specifications


Q2 2004


Tri-band GSM




132x176 pixels


640x480 pixels


Standard candy-bar format
Size TBA




Not specified





Battery life:

Not specified


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