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Panasonic X700

 Panasonic X700 Open Discontinued
28th February 2004

The Pansonic X700 is essentially a straight replacement for the Panasonic X70 and GD87 models and represents quite an improvement in technical terms.

It's a tri-band phone supporting GPRS, Bluetooth and comes with a built-in VGA resolution camera. It runs the powerful Symbian 60 operating system, making it a clever phone if not exactly a "smartphone".

In physical terms the phone is almost identical to the X70, making it a fairly lightweight clamshell with a 132x176 pixel display in 65,000 colours. The phone is nicely laid out, especially on the outside where it inherits the good looks from the X70.

 Panasonic X700 Closed Panasonic have had some success with marketing their clamshells, starting with the GD87. The X70 sold on account of it's good looks, and Panasonic are in a strong position as a manufacturer as they build most of the components, such as the screen, battery and camera themselves.

However, when compared in technical terms against something like the GX30 from arch-rival Sharp, then some of the technologies look dated. By late 2004, when the X700 is likely to hit the streets, the VGA resolution camera will be more-or-less obsolete, and the GX30 trounces the X700 in terms of screen resolution. There's no support for EDGE high-speed data either.

On the other hand, most of the clever stuff going on is in software. The X700 can edit Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents, plus it supports standard email protocols and has picture CLI, which are all features the GX30 doesn't have. Although why you would want to edit a PowerPoint presentation on your phone is questionable.

The X700 takes miniSD memory cards for extra storage, and supports Java, MMS and all the usual features in this type of phone. However, our gut feeling is that Panasonic have missed the mark with the phone's basic features and concentrated too much on clever things that most people won't want to use - if the X700 had been launched in 2003 it would have been impressive, but the strange mix of features will probably only appeal to those who like the X700's good looks, or want to struggle with Office applications while on the move.

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Panasonic X700 Provisional Specifications


Q3/Q4 2004


Tri-band GSM




132x176 pixels


640x480 pixels


Compact clamshell
87x47x24mm / 95 grams









Battery life:



Symbian Series 60


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