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Sendo X

28th October 2003

Sendo XSendo are Britain's only mass producer of mobile phones, and the Sendo X is the result of a long and difficult design period.

In phone terms, Sendo are best known for very inexpensive but fairly stylish pay-as-you-go mobiles. However, they also understand Smartphones having been partners with Microsoft to develop the platform that eventually became the one used by the Orange SPV, Motorola MPx200 and Voq Professional. However, Sendo parted ways with Microsoft for legal  reasons and decided to built a smartphone platform on the Series 60 Symbian OS licenced from Nokia. The result of this collaboration is the stylish Sendo X.

The Sendo X is built by Celestica in the Czech Republic. Celestica aren't a household name, but they will actually have built many of your househould appliances with are actually branded with famous names. It's a shame that the phone isn't built in the UK, but on the other hand the efficiency of the assembly operation has meant that the Sendo X will probably offer really good value for money.

Sendo have spent some time getting the details right. The basics are that the Sendo X is a tri-band phone weighing 120 grams and is 108cc in volume. The screen is a large 176x220 pixels with 65,000 colours. Graphics on are made to run smoothly with a special graphics accelerator called Graphix™. The Sendo X supports a variety of video playback formats including MPEG-4, Real Video, RealOne and H.263,

Sendo X screenThe camera is a 640x480 VGA resolution with a flash and red-eye reduction. This puts it pretty much in the top tier of camera phones available in Europe, but it's a shame that Sendo didn't go for something with a higher resolution. The Sendo X can record video as well as stills and has an album with image editing features.

Sendo claim that the X's audio capabilities are class leading. With 64 polyphonic ringtones and a specially designed acoustic speaker system, the Sendo X promises to sound good as well as look pretty, and they also claim that an entire CD in RealPlayer format can be stored in the phone's internal memory.

Speaking of memory, the Sendo X has 64Mb internally, 32Mb of which is available to users. Expansion can be had by SD or MMC memory cards, so you can cram on audio and video clips to your heart's content. The Sendo X boasts great connectivity too. On top of the tri-band GSM with GPRS, the X has built-in Bluetooth, infra-red and USB connections, plus a fully featured email client and web browser.

As a PDA, the Sendo X can work with your PC's email client and standard office applications.

Gaming and applications run on Java. The Sendo X's advanced audio capabilities lend a hand in the gaming arena too! Added to this are a whole load of accessories and all the usual features you'd expect in a high-end phone.

Sendo have spent some time looking at the details to try to come up with the perfect phone, and they've come pretty close to something that will please most people immensely. It's fully featured without being over-bloated, stylish without being over-the-top and it really does seem to pack everything you'll need into the box.

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