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Motorola MOTO Q 8 (formerly Motorola MOTO Q GSM)

 Motorola Moto Q Gsm Discontinued
13th February 2007 - updated 15th May 2007

Quite why we had to wait 18 months for a GSM version of the Motorola Moto Q is a mystery, but finally it's here. So, has the Motorola MOTO Q 8 arrived in the nick of time to make the breakthrough that Motorola needs in this market segment?


Even though the Motorola MOTO Q 8 is equipped with the new Windows Mobile 6.0 operating system, it is strictly last season's model. Yes, it has a good 320x240 pixel display, but it has no 3G capabilities and is limited to GPRS and EDGE only. And despite Motorola's effort at pushing the potential WiFi capabilities of the Moto Q, the fact remains that this requires an additional SDIO card.

 Motorola Moto Q GSM It may be harsh, but the cold realities are that Motorola has come late to market with a distinctly underwhelming device. If this was a BlackBerry or Nokia handset, then the Moto Q GSM would stir up some interest.. but the problem is that Motorola don't have any presence in this particular market outside of North America, and the Moto Q 8 just isn't going to help.

However, the competitor that really seals the fate of the MOTO Q 8 is not a BlackBerry, a Nokia or even a Samsung.. it's another Motorola. Yes, the MOTO Q 8 has been trumped by the significantly better MOTO Q 9 which is due for launch at around the same time, and we suspect at only a slight premium in the price.

If you live in a country without EDGE support, then the MOTO Q 8 offers very little, but the relatively high speed data support that comes with EDGE might make it usable. If you live somewhere with 3G coverage, then the MOTO Q 9 makes this version pretty much redundant.

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Motorola Moto Q 8 at a glance


Q3 2007


GSM 850/900/1800/1900




320x320 pixels


1.3 megapixels


Size/weight not specified



Memory card:








Battery life:

Not specified


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