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Motorola V600

9th November 2003

Motorola V600Motorola used to be the market leader in clamshell phones, but recently that crown has been stolen by Samsung. Part of the problem has been a range of phones from Motorola which frankly have been very dull and not very highly specified.

The V600 is an attempt to regain Motorola's position and all-in-all it's a good attempt.

Firstly, the basics. The V600 measures 87 x 45 x 22mm and weighs 115 grams. Talktime is an impressive 6 hours, with about 12 days standby time. The V600 supports WAP over GPRS. It's a quad band GSM phone for maximum worldwide coverage, and the phone acts as a Bluetooth device for connecting to a PC.

Motorola V600 openThere's an inbuilt digital camera, reported to be 640x480 pixels. The main display is a fairly large 176x220 pixels in 65,000 colours. There's the now usual features of Java, polyphonic ringtones, MMS and the like, plus interchangeable metal covers to make the V600 a little different from the rest of the crowd.

The V600 is a very competent phone, but sadly it is not exciting in any way. It has a whole range of features that put it on a par with the best of the competition, but there's no one thing that sets it apart.

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