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LG KP100 / KP105

 LG KP100 Discontinued  
6th July 2008

Simple, cheap phones can often be pretty appealing, and the LG KP100 seems to fall into this category. The recommended SIM-free retail price is €59 (around £48) although we have seen it advertised for less than €30. Given the low cost, the KP100 appears to deliver on all the basics you would need from a mobile phone.

Some low-cost LG handsets in the past have been really ugly, but the KP100 manages a simple but stylish arrangement which does at least mean that you won't need to put a paper bag over the phone while you are using it.

LG seem a little confused over the KP100's battery life - we have seen figures ranging from 4.5 to 10.5 hours talktime and between 18 to 26 days standby time. The relatively large capacity 900 mAh battery should give the KP100 a decent amount of charge though, so we suspect that the talktime and standby time will be pretty good.

 LG KP105 The screen is a pretty simple 1.5" 128 x 128 pixel CSTN panel in 65,000 colours, the LG KP100 has a vibrate function and appears to have a speakerphone. There is also some basic PIM functionality and a game, plus T9 predictive text and that really is about it. The LG LP100 is available in a white/red colour combination, and also in black in some markets and should be available very soon.

The LG KP105 handset (pictured left) is almost identical to the KP100 except that it comes with a FM radio. Adding an FM radio to a cheap phone is a good way of making the handset more fun while keeping the cost down. We have seen the KP105 priced at around €40 which makes it a little more expensive than the KP100.

The KP105 is aimed mostly at "emerging markets" and is already available from certain retailers. The simpler KP100 is due for a more general release throughout Europe and the rest of the world from July onwards.

Although these two phones may not be very exciting when it comes to technological wizardry, they are good value for money and pleasing to look at. For most people, these simple features are all they will ever need.

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LG KP100 / KP105 at a glance


Q3 2008


GSM 900 / 1800




128x32 pixels, 262K colours




Lightweight monoblock
100 x 46 x 13mm / 65 grams



Memory card:










Battery life:

4.5 hours talk / 18 days standby


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