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Motorola A835

9th November 2003

Motorola A835The UK's Hutchison 3 network has been recently plagued with a lack of available phones with several units going out of production. The A835 has been a godsend in this repsect at it is a hugely powerful phone which is probably the best in 3's range at present.

OK, it's not a small phone by any means, measuring 137 x 56 x 27 mm and weighing 160 grams (picture show approximate actual size on a 72dpi monitor). Talktime is about 2 hours, with 5 days standby time. These figures are very poor compared to a GSM phone, but this is a power-hungry 3G phone and the rules are very different.

It has the usual impressive 3G features of streaming audio and video, comes with a camera with 4 x digital zoom, Advanced GPS navigation, 64Mb memory as standard, an MP3 player, Java applications and Bluetooth, plus an array of PIM/PDA functions.

Of course, the 3G functions are dependent on the network and Hutchison have come in for some criticism on the available bandwidth, but overall the A835 looks like a good phone for any 3G application. All we have to do is hope that one day 3G phones will be a little less brick-like in their appearance!

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