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Logic Wireless Logic Bolt

 Logic Wireless Logic Bolt Discontinued
7th January 2009

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Back in 2007 we looked at the possibility of future mobile phones coming with built-in projectors. Well, it has taken a little while.. but now Arizona startup company Logic Wireless has announced what it claims is the first production phone to have a built-in projector: the Logic Bolt.

Their press release gives an overview of this quad-band GSM phone with a VGA resolution projector. The main selling feature is the projector unit itself which can project a display ranging from 36 inches to 64 inches depending on lighting conditions. The Logic Bolt has a dual-USB input to interface with a PC and also provide additional power for the phone. It also features a 2.4" touchscreen display.

But is the Logic Bolt really the world's first projector phone? Well.. yes and no. As far as we can tell, the Logic Bolt is a revision of the Shenzhen Showork N70  which is also sold as the Javes PMP-N70 and the Epoq EGP-PP01 phones, which have all been around for several months.

What gives? As far as we can tell, the Logic Bolt is a minor upgrade to the N70 with a better camera and broader GSM support. So, you can certainly consider the Logic Bolt to be the first projector phone on the market if you accept that Logic Wireless weren't the first to release it.

Anyway, this seems to be a pretty neat idea.. but is it a sensible one? We're not sure.. some rival manufacturers are working on standalone projectors that are even smaller than this. However, Logic Wireless have said that other products are in the pipeline too, so it could be interesting to see what they come up with.

There are some pictures of the Javes PMP-N70 version here.

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Logic Wireless Logic Bolt at a glance




GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900




240 x 320 pixels


3 megapixels


Large monoblock
116 x 48 x 23mm



Memory card:

Not specified






Not specified



Battery life:

2-3 hours talk / 8-10 days standby


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