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Motorola U3 and ROKR W5 Preview

14th September 2007

Motorola U3

While we're waiting for the Motorola U9 "PEBL2", we have a couple of preview shots of the Motorola U3, which is almost definitely going to be sold under the "PEBL" sub-brand.

As far as we can tell, the Motorola U3 is almost exactly the same as the original PEBL U6 with some overall enhancements to styling, the interface and the keypad layout.

There's a VGA resolution camera, and what appears to be a 176x220 pixel display.

This is a GSM phone with GPRS and EDGE data, but other than that there's not much we can tell you except the fact that it will be available in "licorice" and "rose" colours (pink and black to you and me).

Although it's a pretty basic device, it's nice to see the PEBL range getting some attention from Motorola.


 Motorola U3  

 Motorola ROKR W5

Motorola ROKR W5

It's not called a RAZR, but the ROKR W5 is clearly yet another addition to Motorola's huge range of cookie-cutter clamshell phones. It's around the twentieth incarnation of the RAZR as far as we can tell.

From what we can deduce, the Motorola ROKR W5 is almost identical to the existing Motorola W510 which itself was pretty close to the old Motorola RAZR V3i.

We suspect that the only thing that the ROKR W5 brings to Motorola's range of phones is a new "ROKR" logo.

The world doesn't need another RAZR, and nobody is going to be fooled by a bit of garish paint on this tired old format. Some of the recent ROKR range have been pretty good, but if Motorola ever want to compete with Sony Ericsson's Walkman range, then they will have to come up with something special rather than just recycling old ideas.

We suspect that Motorola don't view these two devices in very high regard, probably just as fillers in their range. The upcoming Motorola U9 (which we understand now has a glossy exterior) is probably the handset to keep an eye out for.

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