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Motorola PEBL U6 / PEBL V6 Unveiled

 Motorola PEBL V6 open Discontinued
30th July 2005

Note: this handset has been renamed as the PEBL U6

Motorola first showed some shots of the PEBL V6 back in February of this year, showing a couple of sneak pictures of this smooth looking handset, but not much in the way of design detail. Motorola have now released some more detailed images showing that the original "dimpled" keypad in the early shots has been replaced by one almost identical to the RAZR and SLVR phones.

 Motorola PEBL V6 closed The specifications of the PEBL V6 are unremarkable, and indeed perhaps even a little out of date. Really, the PEBL V6 is just a variant of the popular V500 series of clamshell phones, which a 176x220 pixel screen (it appears), a VGA resolution camera, Bluetooth and limited internal memory with no MP3 playback.

But really the Motorola PEBL V6 is a fashion phone, and it certainly looks the part. Like the RAZR before it, the PEBL is a really eyecatching phone. Inside, the etched keypad looks impressive, but it's actually rather pointless and will probably be a little difficult to use, as is the RAZR's. We liked the look of the dimpled one more, but we guess that Motorola want to capitalise on the RAZR-style looks of this particular design.

So, from a technical standpoint there are much better clamshell phones on the market. But really, the PEBL V6 is all about looks - and if you like the way it looks, then buy it!

The indications are that the PEBL is due for imminent release to retail in some markets.

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Motorola PEBL V6 at a glance


Q3/Q4 2005


Tri-band GSM




176x220 pixels, 262K colours


640x480 pixels (0.3 megapixels)


Medium clamshell
87x49x20mm / 110 grams









Battery life:

Not specified


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