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Toshiba G450

 Toshiba G450 Discontinued
12th February 2008

Without doubt one of the strangest mobile phones we have ever seen, the Toshiba G450 is a surprisingly well specified and very lightweight 3G device that just does things rather differently.

This Toshiba G450 weighs just 57 grams, about half the weight of a conventional 3G phone. Measurements are 98 x 36 x 16mm, so it's slightly shorter and about two thirds of the width of a conventional monoblock handset. Instead of a keyboard, the Toshiba G450 has two circular multifunction pads.

The biggest compromise is the display - the 0.8" 96 x 39 pixel panel is certainly never going to be any use for web browsing, but it should work just fine for basic handset operations and the multimedia player. The Toshiba G450 includes stereo wired headphones, but it does not support Bluetooth.

One of the primary design goals for the Toshiba G450 was to act as a modem - it comes with HSDPA support allowing download speeds of up to 3.6 Mbps, and it also supports UMTS, EDGE and GPRS data. Voice calls can be made at the same time as data calls. Because the G450 doesn't support Bluetooth, the handset has to be connected to a laptop with a USB cable, but as the USB cable also keeps the G450 charged then this is probably a good thing.

 Toshiba G450 When connected to a PC, the Toshiba G450 appears as a standard USB memory key. MP3s and other data can be transferred to the handset. Internal memory is a maximum of 160 MB, but this is not expandable. Music playback automatically pauses when a call is made.

As well as having an MP3 player, the Toshiba G450 has an alarm clock. This may seem silly, but as a mobile phone alarm clock is probably its most used PIM function, then it's reassuring that it is there.  And it's worth mentioning because really, apart from MP3s and the alarm clock, the Toshiba G450 doesn't really do anything else. OK, you can make calls, send texts and manage your contacts list too.. but really you wouldn't want to try doing anything else on the G450's tiny screen.

Toshiba say that the maximum talktime on 3G is just 70 minutes, with up to 140 minutes talktime on GSM. Standby time is 7-8 days. The short talktime is due in part to the small 600 mAH battery. You can tell by this that the natural environment for the G450 is to be plugged into a laptop with a USB cable.

This is a very odd device. But we give credit to Toshiba for trying something different with the G450's design. Think of it as an alternative to a standalone USB cellular modem, and you might be close to figuring out the G450's target market.

Toshiba say that the G450 should be available from the first quarter of 2008 across Europe, in Black, Red and Silver colour combinations.

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Toshiba G450 at a glance


Q1 2008


GSM 900 / 1800 / 1900 + UMTS 2100




96 x 39 pixels




Narrow monoblock
98 x 36 x 16mm / 57 grams



Memory card:










Battery life:

70-140 minutes talk / 7-8 days standby


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