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Nokia 6810 Messaging Phone

1st November 2003

Nokia 6810Launched at the same time as the 6820, the Nokia 6810 is more focussed on the needs of business. The focus of the Nokia 6810 is messaging and Nokia have aimed to make this as flexible as possible. Firstly, the phone opens up to give a QWERTY keyboard for ease of typing, a feature that was first seen on the Nokia 6800. It supports mobile email and Blackberry connectivity, SMS, MMS and has a built-in XHTML web browser.

And because even businesspeople need to be kept amused, the Nokia 6810 comes with a built-in FM radio and can run Java applications and games.

The Nokia 6810 measures 119x55x23mm (main image is actual size on a 72dpi monitor) and weighs 122 grams, so it's not a lightweight phone, but on the other hand the large buttons and easy form factor mean that the phone is quite easy to use. The screen is 128x128 pixels in 4,000 colours, which isn't hugely impressive compared to some other phones around, but it's good enough for messaging and web browsing. 

This is a tri-band phone, and the 6810 also comes with Bluetooth and infra-red connectivity, plus a Nokia data cable. The 6810 supports EDGE and GPRS high-speed data transfer, so the phone can either be used as a standalone web device or in conjunction with a laptop to act as a modem.

Nokia 6810 openThe phone has a talktime of 3 to 6 hours and up to 15 days standby. Expected to be available in the first half of 2004, the Nokia 6810 will probably become a favourite in businesses worldwide. The cost isn't clear at the moment, but it's likely to be fairly low and should make this a very popular handset.

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