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Nokia 6300i

 Nokia 6300i Discontinued
26th March 2007

The Nokia 6300 was (in our opinion) one of the best phones of 2007. Despite being around for a little while, the 6300 is still hugely popular and it delivers all the features that most people want in a very attractive package.

So, Nokia are playing pretty safe with the new Nokia 6300i - which is largely the same specification as the original 6300, except that it now has WiFi and can support VOIP calls (internet telephony).

But wait a moment.. didn't Nokia already make a WiFi version of the 6300? Yes, they did - the Nokia 6301 appears to be almost exactly the same phone in every respect apart from the colour of the case. A close examination of the specifications shows a few minor software enhancements, but other than that, this is the same as the existing 6301.

 Nokia 6300i As we said, the original 6300 was a very good phone, and the 6300i retains the 2" 240 x 320 pixel display, 2 megapixel camera and sensible layout. Although this being 2008, 2 megapixel cameras are a bit basic and the video capture resolution is only 176 x 144 pixels at 15 frames per second. There's no 3G support, but the 6300i does come with an FM radio. Of course, it also has a multimedia player, web browser and email client. The microSD slot in the 6300i can support memory cards of up to 4GB (up from 2GB on the 6301 and 6300). Although this is functionally almost identical to the 6301 when it comes to software, both the 6300i and 6301 have several enhancements over the original 6300.

There's a 512MB memory card included in the standard sales package, with Nokia Maps installed (although the 6300i does not have GPS). There's also a desk stand and stereo wired headset as standard.

Nokia are pushing the VOIP capabilities of the 6300i pretty hard, but setting up a home UMA service is likely to be beyond most domestic customers, but some networks will offer an "all in one" package combining a VOIP gateway and broadband service. Don't expect to be able to use Skype though, and remember that the 6300i is not a smartphone so you are pretty much stuck with what comes in the box.

WiFi has uses other than VOIP though, and it is pretty handy to have a device that you can web browse on without having to fire up a PC. It's likely that the Nokia 6300i will spend more time as a mini web appliance than a VOIP device.

Nokia say that the 6300i will be available during Q2 2008, at around €175 or £125 before tax and subsidy. That represents pretty good value, and is significantly cheaper than the 6300 and 6301 at launch.

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Nokia 6300i at a glance


Q2 2007


GSM 900 / 1800 / 1900




240 x 320 pixels, 16m colours


2 megapixels


Medium monoblock
106 x 44 x 12mm / 93 grams



Memory card:










Battery life:

3.5 hours talk / 14 days standby (GSM)


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