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LG GD900 Crystal

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 LG GD900 Crystal Discontinued
28th May 2009

Over the past few months we have been teased several times with details of the LG GD900 Crystal, with a first glimpse in February, followed by more details and a video in April. LG have taken their time telling us the full specifications of the Crystal, presumably because they know that they can get more press coverage that way.

Obviously, the transparent keypad provides most of the initial "wow" factor, but the LG Crystal has much more than just one trick up its sleeve. Both the keypad and the large 3" display are touch-sensitive, and they can be used in a wide variety of ways. For example, the keypad can be used as a mouse, a touchwheel, it can be used for gesture control, handwriting recognition or multi-touch control.. and of course it also works as a standard keypad.

The display is not just touch-sensitive, but also high-resolution with 800 x 480 pixels - substantially better than the current model of iPhone.

The LG GD900 Crystal boasts the new S-Class user interface, as found on the ARENA. In addition, the Crystal comes with a multimedia player that seems to be able to cope with just about anything, a full web browser, messaging capabilities and a document viewer.

 LG Crystal GD900 The camera on the LG Crystal seems pretty good too. It's an 8 megapixel unit with autofocus, although we still don't know if it has a flash or what the video capture is like - but recent high-end LG phones have been very good devices for video recording.

It's a dual-band UMTS device with support for HSDPA download speeds of up to 7.2 Mbps, plus quad-band GSM and WiFi support. Bluetooth 2.1 and USB 2.0 connectivity is included on the LG Crystal too.

LG say that the Crystal's 1000 mAh battery can power it for up to 4 hours talktime on 3G and 6 hours on GSM, with a maximum standby time of about 12 days. That is quite impressive for a phone of this type.

In most European countries, the LG Crystal will be available exclusively through the Carphone Warehouse / Phonehouse chain of shops, and LG say that it should be available from 1st July. One estimated retail price pitches the LG Crystal at around €450 SIM-free which makes it about the same price as the ARENA.

This is a fabulous looking device, and it's a very clever alternative to the army of iPhone clones. The only obvious thing that we can see missing is GPS, which is a bit of a shame. We strongly suspect that this particular phone will fly off the shelves when it hits the shops in July.

LG GD900 Crystal at a glance


July 2009


GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 /1900 +
UMTS 850 / 2100 or UMTS 900 / 2100




3.0" 800 x 480 pixels, 16m colours


8 megapixels


Large slider
105 x 53 x 14mm



Memory card:











S-Class UI

Battery life:

4 hours talk / 12 days standby (3G)
6 hours talk / 12 days standby (GSM)

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