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LG KS660 and GD910 Preview

29th December 2008

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Probably the last two mobile phone announcements from a mainstream manufacturer in 2008, the LG KS660 and GD910 are two very different devices due for release next year.

 LG KS660 Preview LG KS660

LG's first dual-SIM phone, the LG KS660 comes with a large 3" 400 x 240 pixel touchscreen and a 5 megapixel camera.

LG are only the second major manufacturer to launch a dual-SIM device such as this, and the closest competitor to the KS660 is going to be the Samsung D980 DuoS which has a smaller screen.

One obvious major drawback we can see with the KS660 is that it is a GSM-only device. Neither LG nor Samsung have been able to create a dual-SIM handset that does 3G, and this is a shame because a phone like the KS660 would lend itself to high-speed downloads and uploads quite well.

As with the Samsung DuoS range, the KS660 seems to be aimed at Russia and surrounding countries as LG say that the handwriting recognition supports English, Ukrainian, Russian, Kazakh, Lithuanian and Estonian languages. There's no word on exact specifications, pricing or availability at present.

 LG KG910 LG GD910

Taking a completely different approach is the LG GD910 wristwatch phone due to be shown next month. This tiny device has a 1.4" touchscreen display, an MP3 player, Bluetooth, speakerphone and HSDPA support so that it can enjoy 3.5G downloads.

Video calling is supported through a camera on the front, and the GD910 also has speech dialling and a text-to-speech function to read back text on the tiny display.

LG haven't given full details of the phone, but it will be interesting to see just how much it weighs and what the battery life is like when full details are known in a few weeks time.

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