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Grundig Mobile X5000 Preview

 Grundig X5000 Status unknown
14th February 2006

The Grundig Mobile X5000 is a high unusual camera phone, and not just in terms of looks. At first glance, this looks like a fake, but in fact Grundig have a full spec sheet for the X5000 on their site.

Is it a concept? Is it real? We don't know, but we can tell you that according to Grundig Mobile, this phone has a 6 megapixel camera (with 4X zoom, although it's not stated if that's digital or optical), a 640x240 pixel display in 16 million colours, miniSD removal memory, an MP3 player and TV output, all in a handset weighing just 118 grams.

 Grundig X5000 open Frustratingly, there are no proper interior shots of the Grundig X5000, so we can't tell you what the 640x240 pixel display looks like. It is a pretty conventional tri-band GSM phone with GPRS though, so no 3G or WiFi here, indeed we don't even know if the X5000 has Bluetooth.

The camera is quoted as having a video recording resolution of 640x480 pixels at 30 frames per second, which Grundig call "DVD quality" - and that's certainly impressive for this type of deice.

Although the Nokia N90 has a somewhat similar camera arrangement, this particular type of oversized camera hasn't been seen on a GSM phone before. Samsung have experimented with similar oversized cameras for the Korean market though.

If Grundig Mobile can bring the X5000 to market, then they'll certainly make an impact, even if it's just people trying to figure out if the X5000 is a digital camera that can make phone calls, or a mobile phone with a massive camera grafted onto it. Either way, it's a very interesting device and Grundig Mobile are definitely worth keeping an eye on.

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Grundig Mobile X5000 Provisional Specifications




GSM 900/1800/1900




640x240 pixels, 16m colours


6 megapixels


Medium-large clamshell
89x46x23 / 118 grams


Not specified


Not specified


Not specified


Not specified

Battery life:

4 hours talk / 6 days standby


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