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Panasonic X300

 Panasonic X300 Open Discontinued.
25th March 2004

Panasonic's mission to re-establish itself as a leading mobile phone maker has thrown up some interesting results, from the not-bad Panasonic X700, to the girlie Panasonic G70 plus a handful of other handsets.

The X300 is a little unique though, because it has a fold-out viewfinder which combines with a built-in camera and video recorder. It certainly makes the X300 look like no other phone.. but is it impressive at all in the specifications department...?

Errrr.... no. Although it's not a bad attempt by Panasonic, it suffers from some of the same weaknesses as it's sibling, the X700. which is a very pretty phone but with a feature set that lags behind the competition.

The first problem is the camera. While other manufacturers are producing megapixel devices, the X300 comes in at only a run-of-the-mill 640x480 pixel VGA resolution camera, which is simply not good enough for a phone that prides itself on its imaging capabilities. The VGA-resolution camera is less of a problem with video capture, but the X300 appears to be without Bluetooth or removable memory making it a pretty poor video camera.

At launch time the screen size has not been specified, but it appears to be just 132x132 pixels in 65,000 colours, a small screen by camera phone standards, but this does make the X300 a fairly compact handset. The rest of the feature set looks pretty standard, GPRS, polyphonics, MMS and a couple of games.

At first it's hard to guess what Panasonic are trying to do here.. the flip feature gives the impression of a high-end camera phone, but the specifications are of a low-end mass market phone. Maybe it will become clear with the pricing, but we think that the X300 is going to have to be heavily discounted in order to shift units.

But Panasonic really should be able to do much better than this, given the fact that they produce many of the technologies in the X300 themselves - rather than just buying them in. Panasonic are relying far too much on gimmicks and cosmetics and need to have a much harder look at the basic features of the handsets they are making. Sorry, Panasonic, but we know you could come up with something amazing if you just tried harder.

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Panasonic X300 Specifications


Q3 2004


Tri-band GSM




128x128 pixels, 65,000 colours


640x480 pixels


Small candy-bar
92x50x21mm / 87 grams








Not specified

Battery life:

5 hours talk / 11 days standby

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