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Motorola KRZR K3

 Motorola KRZR K3 Discontinued
27th February 2007

We previewed the Motorola KRZR K3 a couple of weeks ago and since then Motorola have officially announced this handset. It looks very much like the KRZR K1, but in fact this is a significantly improved handset.

This is now a 3G handset with HSDPA support, capable of download speeds of up to 3.6Mbps. Out goes the K1's 176x220 pixel display, replaced with a 2" 240x320 pixel panel. The KRZR K3 has more internal memory (50MB) and a larger external display.. all of this is a handset the sames size as the K1 about only about 10 grams heavier.

The KRZR K3 still has a 2 primary megapixel camera, now supplemented with a 0.3 megapixel camera for video calling. Bizarrely, Motorola's press releases say that the KRZR K3 can only play back the obsolete MP2 audio format, not the more advanced MP3.. which we assume must be a mistake. The K3 also plays back AAC and AAC+ audio, plus MPEG4 video clips. There's stereo Bluetooth connectivity, and the Motorola KRZR K3 takes microSD cards to expand its memory.

Long-time readers of Mobile Gazette will know that we're mightily fed up with Motorola's endless RAZR variants, including three HSDPA RAZResque phones - the V3xx, RAZR MAXX and V1100.  In fact, the KRZR K3 is almost identical in every respect to the RAZR MAXX (expect that it's narrower).. indeed in Asia the K3 will be called the KRZR MAXX K3 to reinforce this.

In all fairness, the Motorola KRZR K3 looks to be a pretty good phone.. but there's absolutely nothing to differentiate it from the competition. In terms of specification, there are an increasingly large number of handsets coming out that support HSDPA. In terms of looks.. well, the RAZR/KRZR look has been done to death and it holds very little appeal. But, if you're looking for a slim and reasonably well specified HSDPA handset and the looks don't bore you rigid, then the KRZR K3 is certainly worth considering.

Motorola say that the KRZR K3 should be available during Q1 2007.

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Motorola KRZR K3 at a glance


Q1 2007


GSM 900/1800/1900 + UMTS 2100




240x320 pixels, 262k colours


2 megapixels


Medium clamshell
103 x 42 x 16mm / 110 grams



Memory card:








Battery life:

Not specified


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