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Sony Ericsson P900

28th October 2003

The Sony Ericsson P900 is the replacement for the popular P800 model, but the this is an altogether sleeker, sexier phone.

The P900 is a little lighter and smaller than the P800, measuring about 115x58x24mm (main picture is approximate actual size at 72dpi) and weighing 150 grams. The Sony Ericsson P900 has a better colour screen, with 65,000 colours and a proper electronic keypad rather than the rubber-pads-on-touchscreen arrangement of the P800.

Being a Sony Ericsson, the takes the Sony Memory Stick Duo expansion card, with 32Mb as standard, upgradeable to 128Mb. The P900 also has an built-in 640x480 pixel (VGA resolution) camera which is capable of taking video clips.

It's quite a large phone, but the Sony Ericsson P900 does have excellent battery life, with a maximum of 16 hours talk time and 20 days standby. The large screen on the P900 makes it ideal for organising data, appointments and contacts. The Sony Ericsson P900's PDA/PIM functions run on the Symbian OS, which is ideal for this kind of device. The big 320x208 resolution screen puts this firmly into the PDA camp.

Games on the Sony Ericsson P900The large screen and powerful processor on the Sony Ericsson P900 make it a great games platform too. The screen has 80% more pixels than the Nokia N-Gage offering better gameplay. Also, the P900 copes with large MP3s, and with 128Mb memory sticks that should squeeze two full CDs into the P900.

The P900 is also a phone, and for making calls it's more convenient than the new Nokia 7700 because of the keypad and upright shape. With tri-band support it can be used pretty much anywhere there's a GSM network. Texting is simple, and supported by T9 predictive text input, and the P900 comes with the now standard array of polyphonic ringtones all the usual features you'd expect from a quality handset.

All in all, the Sony Ericsson P900 is a great all-round phone, and does a good job at combining a mobile handset, PDA, handheld games console, music player and basic digital camera in one device.

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