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Nokia 1110

 Nokia 1110 Discontinued
2nd June 2005

It has been a while since we've seen anything this basic from Nokia - the Nokia 1110 is firmly at the very bottom of Nokia's handset range, along with the Nokia 1600 launched at the same time. If you want the cheapest Nokia on the market, then this is it. So, what does it actually do?

Well, the Nokia 1110 is a monochrome phone with a 96x68 pixel display. Unusually, the display is inverted and has an amber backlight. At 80 grams, the 1110 is very lightweight and measures a pretty standard 104x44x17mm. Talktime is around 3-5 hours with 10-15 days standby, which again is about standard for a phone of this size and weight.

There's no Java on the 1110, but it does have polyphonic ringtones but they appear not to be downloadable - Nokia says that these ringtones are "MP3 quality", but of course that doesn't mean that they are MP3 ringtones. There are three built-in games.

The Nokia 1110 is a dual-band phone in GSM 900/1800 or 850/1900 configurations depending on market. There's no GPRS either (and certainly no Bluetooth), but the 1110 does come with a built-in handsfree function and supports predicitive text messaging, has an alarm clock and stopwatch. Unlike some other low-cost Nokias, there's no FM radio.

OK.. it is 2005 and this seems awfully basic, but we did recently look at the Sagem myX1-2 so it proves that manufacturers still think there's a market. Despite the low-tech approach, the Nokia 1110 is quite a smart looking phone and promises to be easy to use too. Expected availability is sometime in Q3, probably priced at around 70/$80/50 or so.

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Nokia 1110 at a glance


Q3 2005


Dual-band GSM




96x68 pixels, monochrome




Lightweight candy bar
104x44x17mm / 80 grams









Battery life:

3-5 hours talk / 10-15 days standby


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