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VK Mobile VK2000

 VK Mobile VK2000 Discontinued
18th October 2005
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The Korean manufacturer VK Mobile have had some recent success in Europe through a distribution agreement with Vodafone, which brought the cute VK570 and VK530 handsets to the UK market.

Their latest GSM phone for European release is the remarkable VK2000 - remarkable because it's the smallest mobile handset that we've ever seen. VK Mobile report that the VK2000 weighs just 48 grams, and measures a tiny 90x50x8.8mm - that's even thinner than the Motorola SLVR.

That's tiny - roughly the same footprint as a business card, and it weighs less than 6 Euro or 5 British pound coins, or a little more than a bag of Doritos. Or less than half the weight of a Nokia 6230.

 VK VK2000 back and three-quarters view As you might expect, the VK2000 doesn't pack in much in the way of features, but it does come with a 128x143 pixel TFT display, GPRS and a WAP 2.0 browser. The keypad is a metal one that appears to be similar to that on the Motorola RAZR. Available in two dual band configurations of 900/1800 MHz and 850/1900 MHz depending on market. There's no Bluetooth or MP3 player, and certainly no camera, but that's easily forgivable.

Previous VK mobiles launched in Europe have been a bit "girlie". The compact size of the VK2000 *will* appeal to girls, but the overall design is quite masculine - in other words, VK appears to have carefully designed the look of the VK2000 to appeal to both sexes.

Pitched as a low end phone, we suspect that the VK2000 will make a great second mobile for those people who don't want to take a bulkier phone with them for a night out.

According to VK, the VK2000 is already shipping to China and will be followed by Europe, Asia Pacific and then the Americas later.

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Discuss this phone in our forums

VK Mobile VK2000 at a glance


Q4 2005


Dual-band GSM




128x143 pixels, 65,000 colours




Tiny "candy bar" phone
90x50x8.8mm / 48 grams






Not specified


Not specified

Battery life:

Not specified


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