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Samsung X610 (SGH-X610)

 Samsung SGH-X610 Discontinued
30th August 2004

The Samsung SGH-X610 is the replacement for the Samsung X600. Although most Samsung phones tend to look alike, the old X600 looked radically different from other handsets in the range. With the X610, Samsung have brought the design back into line with their house style.

This isn't just a makeover though, the most noticeable thing about the X610 is how slim it is, measuring just 11.8mm thick - compared this with the X600's 20mm and you'll see that Samsung have managed an impressive feat here. Also improved over the X600 is the screen quality, and the X600 now has an internal antenna and camera flash.

Overall the SGH-X610 measures 111x46x11.8mm and weighs just 80 grams. The screen is a 128x128 pixel unit in 65,000 colours, and the camera is a 640x480 pixel swivelling unit, more commonly seen in high-end videophones.

The SGH-X610 is a dual-band GSM phone with GPRS data, a WAP 2.0 browser, Java, polyphonics, MMS messaging, T9 predictive text input and the usual set of applications you'd expect in this kind of phone. There's no Bluetooth, an option missing from all Samsung phones.

In the looks department the Samsung X610 not a hugely attractive phone, being the typical Samsung silver colour and with a very square looking design. In fact, the prototype phones were even squarer, replacing the round navigation key with a square one and lining up the rest of the keys (it seems) with a rule and set square. Presumably Samsung took some feedback on the design and softened it somewhat.

All-in-all, the Samsung X610 packs a lot of features into a tiny handset, and at only 11.8mm thick is probably the thinnest handset announced so far.

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Samsung X610 (SGH-X610) at a glance


Q3/Q4 2004


Dual-band GSM




128x128 pixels, 65,000 colours


640x480 pixels, swivelling


Slimline candy-bar
111x46x12mm / 80 grams









Battery life:

Not specified


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