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Nokia 330: Satellite Navigation System

 Nokia 330 Expected Q4 2006
31st October 2006

The Nokia 330 is a Satellite Navigation system (Nokia call it "Auto Navigation") that bears a passing resemblance to the Nokia 770 Internet Tablet. Like the 770, the Nokia 330 isn't a phone.. but the really surprising thing lies deep underneath.

First things first - the Nokia 330 comes with the Route 66 Satellite Navigation system and it offers pan-European mapping (although not every country has 100% coverage). The maps are preloaded on a 2Gb memory card, which can also be used to store other data. The navigation software has the usual combination of spoken and visual directions, 2D/3D views, and it comes with a touch-sensitive 3.5" display. The GPS receiver is a SiRF III GSC3 unit.

 Nokia 330 Auto navigation system #One nice feature with the Nokia 330 is that it can play back multimedia content, such as videos and MP3 music tracks. It also comes with Bluetooth, presumably so that traffic updates and other value added features can be accessed. Overall, the Nokia 330 is a pretty slim satellite navigation system at 81 x 109 x 30mm and 205 grams in weight. The sales package includes the "gooseneck" mounting kit, a memory card, phone holder and USB cable.

So what does the Nokia 330 run underneath? Is it a showcase for the Maemo platform running on the Nokia 770? Nope. Does it run Symbian S60, Series 80 or some other variant? Nope. Surprisingly, the Nokia runs Windows.. probably the first device of any kind from Nokia with the Windows OS, and a bit of a blow for Symbian and Maemo supporters.. especially since the Nokia N95 has SatNav capabilities, and there are various projects for the 770 including Maemo Mapper.

So, really it seems that the Nokia 330 is a "me too" SatNav system based on off-the-shelf components, although it's an attractive one, and at around 360 / 230 before tax, the Nokia 330 seems to offer good value for money too. Nokia say that the 330 should be available in selected outlets from Q4 2006.. hopefully just in time for Christmas.

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Nokia 330 at a glance


Q4 2006


3.5" touch-sensitive


81x109x30mm / 205 grams



Memory card:

Nokia MU-39



Battery life:

Not specified

SatNav application:

Route 66 Navigate 7


Windows CE


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