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Nokia 6230

Nokia 6230Discontinued
1st November 2003

The Nokia 6230 is due in early 2004 and seems to be a variation on the new Nokia 6220. It's technically a better phone than the Nokia 6220, as the  6230 has an improved display and 640x480 pixel digital camera, and also comes with Bluetooth, MP3 support and the ability to take MMC media cards.

The 6230 is a tri-band phone measuring 103x44x20mm and weighing slightly under 100 grams. Talktime is around 3 hours, standby time is just over a week.

It's a complex sales pitch that the Nokia 6230 is putting forward. Its strengths are in the camera, MP3 support and Bluetooth. On the minus side, the talktime is quite short, so this isn't really well suited to businesses.

Nokia have said that the 6230 will ship in the first half of 2004.  

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