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Nokia E60

 Nokia E60 Available now
13th October 2005
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At first glance, the Nokia E60 looks like the most boring of the Nokia E-Series of handsets. At roughly the same weight as the Nokia 6310i, just a little shorter and wider, you might be forgiven for thinking that this was a straightforward and cheap business phone. The unusual camera-less configuration of the E60 also gives it away as a business phone.

In fact, the E60 is a remarkable sophisticated phone for its size - and an unusual one at that. At Mobile Gazette, we have waited a long time to see a true successor to the classic 6310i - but perhaps the son of the 6310i is something a little different from what we expected.. perhaps the Nokia E60 will be the next, classic phone for business?

You see, the thing with the Nokia E60 is that it's full of paradoxes, with a mix of features we hadn't expected to see in any kind of handset. So, either Nokia have been very stupid with the E60.. or they have been very clever.

This is a 3G phone - and yet it doesn't have a camera. It doesn't just lack a secondary camera, it lacks any kind of camera. It supports push email (such as Blackberry) and can edit Microsoft Office documents - and yet it just has a conventional numeric keypad. It has WiFi, but yet the E60 looks just like a conventional phone.

The Nokia E60 is a Symbian Series 60 handset, and comes with expandable memory using RSMMC cards. The screen is a high density 352x416 pixel panel similar to that one the E70 and N90 handsets. In many respects, this is similar to the E70 in that it can work with Microsoft Office documents, has a WAP browser, supports several different types of email protocol from POP3 to Blackberry and has a multimedia player. All of this runs on the Symbian Series 60 operating system.

So perhaps what business users really want is a phone where they don't want the bother of having a camera, where they can have full-service email access in a conventionally sized handset, and where they can connect to the corporate network just by walking into the office. The combination of Bluetooth and 3G make the E60 an ideal way to get mobile internet access on a laptop too. And the phone's multimedia support means that people travelling on business can use it as an MP3 player if they want to.

Overall, the Nokia E60 is an intriguing device. It's up to business customers to decide if this is the right kind of device for them.

The Nokia E60 should be available sometime in Q1 2006.

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Discuss this handset in our forum

Nokia E60 at a glance


Q1 2006


UMTS (3G) + Tri-band GSM




352x416 pixels, 256k colours




Medium candy bar
115x49x17mm / 117 grams









Battery life:

3-6 hours talk / 6-8 days standby (GSM)


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