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 Nokia 7200 Nokia 7200 Clamshell Phone

1st November 2003

The Nokia 7200 is the company's first attempt at a clamshell phone, due to be announced in late October 2003 for general release in early 2004.

Most clamshell phones seem to be an almost identical silver colour, but Nokia has recently shown a determination to be different, and the Nokia 7200 is no exception, featuring textile covers which is a unique and interesting proposition.

 Nokia 7200 First, the hard facts: The Nokia 7200 measures 86x50x26mm and weighs 115 grams. Battery life is 2-5 hours talktime and 6-12 days standby time. It's a dual-band phone supporting GPRS, HSCSD and EDGE. It has an infra-red port but no Bluetooth.

The Nokia 7200 comes with optional Style Packs with X-presson™ textile covers, pouch, screensaver and wallpaper. Internal display is 128x128 pixels plus a small external monochrome display with 96x36 pixels, which is not quite as good as some of the competition, however the Nokia 7200 includes a built in speakerphone and FM radio which is very impressive in such a small unit.

It's difficult to see from the publicity photos, but the inside of the 7200 looks pretty odd too. There's an interesting "rounded off square" theme to all the components which gives it a sort of retro-futuristic feel to it. Combined with the textile covers it feels as if it was inspired by sitting in an airline seat and borrowing design elements from a Boeing 747.

The release date it touted as early 2004, although Nokia do like to announce their products well in advance of launch, so it might not be very early 2004.

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