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Sony Ericsson V640i

 Sony Ericsson V640i Discontinued
7th October 2007, Updated 11th October 2007

The Sony Ericsson V640i is exclusive to Vodafone, and should be in the shops in time for Christmas 2007.

Previous Sony Ericsson "V-Series" have been little more than cosmetically redesigned phones plucked straight from the standard Sony Ericsson range, but the V640i is a little different as there is no exact equivalent to it elsewhere in Sony Ericsson's line-up. It's a little like the Sony Ericsson K530i, but with a few enhancements.

[Editor's note: this handset is the same as the recently announced K630i]

This is an HSDPA 3.5G device, which is unusual in the Sony Ericsson range. Of course, it also supports standard 3G and the V640i it has quad-band GSM, GPRS and EDGE data. Vodafone and Sony Ericsson stress that the V640i's data capabilities are ideal for downloading music and multimedia - they say that a music track can be downloaded in just 14 seconds via HSDPA.

Apart from the data connectivity, the rest of the V640i's specifications are a bit lacklustre - there's a 2.0" 176x220 pixel display, 2 megapixel camera, Memory Stick Micro expandable memory, stereo Bluetooth, an FM radio and a web browser, email client and RSS feed reader.

This isn't to say that the V640i is a bad phone, but it's a resolutely mid-range device with the unusual addition of 3.5G data which does set it aside from the competition.

Physically, the Sony Ericsson V640i measures 103 x 47 x 16mm and weighs 97 grams. The battery life is around 3 hours talktime on 3G, 9 hours on GSM and a standby time of 16 days. The V640i will be available in Quick Black and Havana Gold colour combinations.

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Sony Ericsson V640i at a glance


Q4 2007


GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900
UMTS 2100




176x220 pixels, 262k colours


2 megapixels


Medium monoblock
103 x 47 x 16mm / 97 grams



Memory card:

Memory Stick Micro







Battery life:

9 hours talk / 16 days standby (GSM)
3 hours talk / 16 days standby (3G)


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