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Motorola W208, W210 and W375 Preview

Expected Q3/Q4 2006
20th June 2006


Motorola W208 and W210

Two apparently very similar handsets, the W208 and W210 (pictured) are low cost candy bar phones with 128x128 pixel displays and built-in FM radios. The W208 is reported as being just 15mm thick. The W208 is a GSM phone, the W210 is a CDMA version.

These are both very basic phones - neither the W208 or W210 have Bluetooth, a camera or multimedia player. Clearly aimed at the budget market, the W208 and W210 do at least look quite smart.

Motorola say that the W208 and W210 should be available in Q4 2006. The W208 will be available in "Fire Red/Black Slate" and "Silver Sail/ Black Slate" colour schemes.

 Motorola W210  


Motorola W375

The Motorola W375 is Motorola's most advanced phone that they've announced since the ROKR E2 six months ago. But don't get too excited.. the W375 is just a very basic clamshell phone that's one step up from the W220.

Inside the W375 is a 128x160 pixel TFT display, and on the outside is a VGA resolution camera with 4X digital zoom. The W375 also has an FM radio and has MP3 ringtones, but it doesn't have Bluetooth or a multimedia player. There's a WAP browser and speakerphone, but no email client.

Available in a variety of colours, the W375 does look to be an attractive handset from the outside. It measures 99x45x19mm and has 7.5 hours talktime and up to 10 days standby time.

It's clearly designed to offer good value for money, rather than loads of technical features. Motorola say that the W375 should be available in Q4 2006.

 Motorola W375  

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