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LG 7050 (LG-G7050)

9th December 2003

LG had been pretty quiet on the European GSM mobile phone market until recently, when they released the LG 7100 clamshell camera phone to generally good reviews. The new LG 7050 builds on this growing reputation by creating an innovative and stylish candy bar style phone with a twist.

First, the hard facts. The LG 7050 measures 94 x 44 x 22 mm and weighs just 89 grams. The large 128x160 pixel 65,000 colour display is partly covered by an unusual sliding keypad. Talktime is about 2.5 hours with around 6 days standby time.

The LG 7050's integrated digital camera is a 640x480 pixel unit, and the phone features MMS, Java support, polyphonic ringtones, T9 texting and WAP over GPRS. The LG 7050 supports infrared connectivity and can synchronise with Microsoft Outlook. It's pretty capable in feature terms, if unremarkable.

An important question is looks.. and actually the LG 7050 is a pleasingly chunky affair, although the large external antenna might take some getting used to. The unusual sliding keypad certainly makes it an interesting phone to look at.

It looks like the LG 7050 might be exclusively available on the T-Mobile network from early 2004. If the LG 7100 is anything to go by, then the LG 7050 should be highly competitive on price.



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