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Motorola MPx200

 Motorola MPx200 Discontinued
10th October 2003

The Motorola MPx200 is a Microsoft Windows powered Smartphone, combining a smart, compact Motorola design with the power of a Windows-based PDA.

On features alone, it looks more-or-less the same as the Orange SPV e100 but the Motorola MPx200 is a much more feature-rich handset, and it's certainly prettier to look at.

The feature set is impressive, with good integration with Microsoft Outlook, Windows Media Player, Pocket Internet Explorer and other Microsoft applications. The Motorola MPx200 offers a Windows-style PDA in a clamshell phone. People, or businesses, already used to using Windows-based PDAs should be able to adapt with few problems.

In terms of design, the MPx200 comes in a very smart clamshell package - don't forget that Motorola pioneered the small clamshell with the StarTac range a few years back - exact details aren't known, but the Motorola MPx200 will probably fall into the same size as most other clamshells. With both an internal and small external screen, easy controls and stylish design, this will certainly be a change from the run of the mill silver clamshells from the likes of Samsung.

Motorola MPx200On the negative side, you're either going to love or hate the Windows Smartphone software. Previous Smartphone models (which have been few and far between) have suffered from short battery life because of the power needs of the operating system. Microsoft have steadily improved this, and this should result in a better battery life with the Motorola MPx200.

Expected to be released into Europe in late 2003 (most likely on Orange networks first) at a cost of around 240/370, this will probably be very attractive to those who prefer the compact clamshell package over the competition's traditional candy bar shape.

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