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Nokia 6600

 Nokia 6600 Discontinued
4th November 2003

Nokia tend to announce their handsets a long, long time in advance. The Nokia 6600 was announced in June 2003, so it's been five months since then and Nokia have wowed us with their upcoming 7700 and 7600 models since then. So the big question is, does the Nokia 6600 still look as good now as it did when it was announced?

Well, first the hard facts. The Nokia 6600 is a wide, fairly heavy phone coming in at 109x58x24mm and weighing 125 grams. However, it has a large 178x208 pixel colour in 65,000 colours screen plus an easy-to-use keypad.

The 6600 is tri-band with Bluetooth and infra-red support, it supports Java applications and can take an extra memory card for more storage. to add to the built-in 6Mb The digital camera is 640x480 pixels with a two-times digital zoom. It features a video recorder and RealOne software for streaming audio and video playback.

It supports email and MMS, comes with an XHTML browser and runs WAP over GPRS for web browsing, plus there's HSCSD support for corporate customers that use it (only a small number of operators offer HSCSD, including Orange in the UK). It has an inbuilt speaker phone and a range of voice-activated functions too. The 6600 has a range of Personal Information Management (PIM) functions too.

Talktime is a pretty short 2-4 hours with up to 10 days standby.

So, what's the verdict? Well, actually it appears that the Nokia 6600 is still a fine phone, and although the size is a little unusual, it's still a lot more conventional than many phones in the pipeline. Indeed, for some reason the overall look reminds us of Sophie Dahl.. slightly wide-bodied but very pretty!

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