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Sanyo S750i

 Sanyo S750i open Discontinued
7th May 2005

We saw Sanyo's first 3G phone, the S750 last December and our feeling was that the handset was pretty good but the "slablike design is somewhat unappealing" and if Sanyo were to "give the S750 a makeover (and tuck the antenna away).. you'd have a very nice phone indeed."

 Sanyo S750 and S750i controls Well, Sanyo have been to work on the handset's looks and come up with the S750i, which is functionally identical to the S750 (except it comes bundled with a 32Mb SD card and data cable) but the looks have been improved - the biggest area of improvement being in the primary controls (see picture on left, S750i is the top image).

 Several other minor enhancements to styling have been made with a few colour changes, and it is reported that the handset has been built to feel more solid too. It still has a very large external antenna though, which rather spoils the S750i's looks.

As with the previous model, the Sanyo S750i features a large 240x320 pixel display in 262,000 colours, a 1.3 megapixel primary camera (protected by the sliding mechanism), Bluetooth, expandable memory and video calling. These were good features six months ago when the original phone hit the market, but specifications are improving rapidly in this market segment and two megapixel cameras are just starting to become common.

Sliding 3G phones like this are still rare, so the S750i offers a welcome addition to the range of available handsets. It's certainly a more attractive device than the S750 and the technical specification is good too, especially the large screen. As with the previous Sanyo, the S750i is available exclusively on the Orange 3G network and should start to become available as soon as stocks of the S750 become depleted.

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Sanyo S750i at a glance


Q3 2005


UMTS + Tri-band GSM




240x320 pixels, 262,000 colours


1.3 megapixel (main)
0.3 megapixel (secondary)


Large slider
108x50x22mm / 122 grams









Battery life:

3 hours talk / 10 days standby


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