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Motorola E770V / E770

 Motorola E770V / E770 Discontinued
16th September 2005

The Motorola E770V is a compact 3G phone available exclusively to Vodafone. Much lighter than other Motorola 3G "E" series phones at just 108 grams, the E770V is a pretty basic 3G handset in terms of specification, but it should appeal to many because of its unfussy design and relatively light weight.

From what we understand of the Motorola E770V, this is all pretty low-end stuff. There's a 176x220 pixel display in 262,000 colours, VGA resolution main camera with 4X digital zoom, Bluetooth, video calling, MP3 and video playback, stereo output via plug-in headphones, email client and web browser.

What isn't clear from the pictures or press release is the fact that the E770V comes with TransFlash expandable memory, which makes this a promising looking media player. How do we know it has TransFlash? Well, it says so on the box! (See below). We don't know the E770V's memory capacity, but we would guess that it's 512Mb.

 Motorola E770V box shot In physical terms, the E770V looks a little like the E398 and ROKR handsets - but the addition of 3G means that it's possible to stream multimedia or download tracks directly from the operator's site (in this case Vodafone Live). This is a feature missing from the ROKR which is a GPRS only phone - so perhaps it would have been nice to see an iTunes phone based on this platforms instead. Who knows.. perhaps we will?

Vodafone also say that the E770V is an exlcusive handset - but this statement is a little unclear and quite possibly means that there will be another E770 version available on other networks. The plan is to have the Motorola E770V in retail outlets before this Christmas.

It's certainly a promising looking handset, and the TransFlash memory and MP3 player make this a fun music phone. A better camera would be nice, but overall this looks to be a pretty decent device.

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Motorola Motorola E770V/E770 Provisional Specifications


Q4 2005






176x220 pixels, 262,000 colours


640x480 pixels (main)


Medium candy bar
111x46x21mm / 108 grams









Battery life:

1.5-2.5 hours talk / 11 days standby


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