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Panasonic X70

4th November 2003

Panasonic X70The Pansonic X70 is a lightweight, fully featured clamshell phone with an integrated digital camera that manages to be quite stylish at the same time.

Measuring 87x47x24mm and weighing 92 grams, it is a compact little unit. Talktime is 1.5 to 5 hours (probably on the upper end of the scale on a European GSM network) with about 10 days standby. It's a tri-band phone with Bluetooth capability too.

The X70 is being pushed on the quality of its camera, but it's actually only a very basic 132x176 pixel unit, even though it is combined with a light and a time function. Really, the camera is only designed to display images on the X70's internal display, with an identical resolution. This is a shame because most phones manage at least 320x240 pixels in the camera, with newer ones at the 640x480 pixel range.

Panasonic X70 closedIt supports MMS and polyphonic ringtones and has some built-in games, and does WAP over GPRS. The screen is quite large compared to many cameras and operates in 65,000 colours.

It's not exactly a groundbreaking phone, but then it appears to Panasonic are pricing the X70 to sell and it does offer very good value for money. The pre-release tariffs that we've seen here indicate that the phone is free on most mid-range call plans.

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