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Siemens C75

 Siemens C75 Discontinued
1st June 2005

The Siemens C75 is a the replacement for the old C65 handset and is priced to be an entry level camera phone.

Specifications are straightforward but unremarkable - there's a 132x176 pixel TFT display in 65,000 colours and a VGA resolution (640x480 pixels) digital camera. It's a lightweight phone at 85 grams, and the 103x44x17mm handset size makes the Siemens C75 a fairly standard (but slim) candy bar format phone. Talktime is an impressive 5.5 hours maximum, with up to 12 days standby time. USB, infra-red and serial connectivity are useful though as many low-cost handsets these days are USB only. It's a smart but slightly bland looking phone, however in our view it certainly looks better than the C65.

 Siemens C75 back At first glance the Siemens C75's specifications don't seem to be much of an upgrade, but you have to remember quite how miserable the specifications of the C65 were, with a 130x130 pixel display and 352x288 pixel camera. Still, it's not a terribly impressive specification, and if it sells for the same price as the C65.. then it isn't particularly cheap either.

The camera has a video capture function, but as internal memory is just 10Mb then there's not a huge amount of space to store clips. The Siemens C75 doesn't have expandable memory or Bluetooth, unlike the rather better (and more expensive CX75), but it does have a Java, WAP 2.0 browser and usefully an email client. On top of this are a number of 3D animated characters to guide you with your use of the phone, similar to the sort of features in the CX70 Emoty.

This isn't quite the bottom of the range handset from Siemens, that falls to the A70, A75 and AX75 range, but it's close. Like the C65, we anticipate that this will be in the region of €140 when launched. It's probable that Vodafone and T-Mobile will pick up modified versions of this (most likely called the Siemens CV75 and CT75). The C75 should be available from August 2005 in light silver and silver-anthracite colours.

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Siemens C75 at a glance


Q3 2005


Tri-band GSM




132x176 pixels, 65,000 colours


640x480 pixels


Lightweight "candy bar"
103x44x17mm / 85 grams









Battery life:

5.5 hours talk / 12 days standby


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