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 Siemens M75 Preview Siemens M75 Preview

3rd February 2005

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A strange, chunky looking device from the teaser photos, the Siemens M75 is a ruggedised handset in the style of the Siemens M65 - pictured here in "Military Green". Although it looks like a rubber brick, this M75 could easily complement something like a Hummer or other oversized all-terrain vehicle. The M75 looks a bit stupidly macho, but actually we rather like it.

No technical details are available at present, however it's probably not too different from the existing M65 or S65 handsets, with a 132x176 pixel display and digital camera, perhaps a 1.3 megapixel unit and most likely push-to-talk too. This is one of a range of products to be fully introduced at CeBIT, and is likely to be announced despite the doubts over the future of Siemens Mobile, although we suspect that this is basically just a minor upgrade to the existing "65 series" on handsets rather than a significant investment.

This is the first 75 series handset we've seen though, following Siemens' rather arcane numbering system, so we can probably expect some more "75s" soon, even though we are still waiting for the CX70 and CX70 Emoty to hit the streets. Whether the M75 will ever see the light of day is a different matter though.

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Siemens M75 Anticipated Specifications


Q3 2005


Tri-band GSM




132x176 pixels, 65,000 colours


1.3 megapixels (possibly)


Standard candy bar
110x50x20mm / 100 grams approx


Not known


Not known





Battery life:

6 hours talk / 10 days standby approx


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