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Blackberry 7100x

12th January 2005

 Blackberry 7100x O2 is the second European-based carrier to launch a Blackberry 7100 series handset, the first being Vodafone with the 7100v. O2's version, the 7100x is almost identical to the 7100v in every sense, but for O2 it's a significant handset.

Of course, O2 and Vodafone aren't the only carriers using the 7100 series (codenamed "Charm"). The first carrier to announce a handset based on this platform was T-Mobile with the 7100t, currently available in the US with Europe to follow, along with the Blackberry 7100r for Rogers in Canada, and the anticipated Blackberry 7100g on Cingular in the US.

In all apart from cosmetic details, the 7100x has the exact same specification as the 7100t, although the casing and keyboard arrangement are a little closer to the Vodafone variant. The keypad isn't to everyone's tastes though - long time Blackberry users seem to prefer the QWERTY layout, but for users new to the Blackberry platform it's certainly a step up from normal texting. There's a very high quality 240x260 pixel transflective display too, plus all the other familiar Blackberry applications and mail capabilities.

O2 have traditionally been a Windows-orientated outfit, with the XDA series of PDA-style phones, plus their Xphone range of HTC-manufactured handsets sold in Asia-Pacific, but in addition to this they now have the Blackberry 7230, 7290 and 7100x models to cater for corporate customers and Blackberry fans.

This leaves Orange as the only major European carrier not to announce a Blackberry 7100 series handset, and with Cingular in the US poised to announce a version on their network soon it can only be a matter of time until the major US carriers follow suit.

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Blackberry 7100x at-a-glance


Q1 2005


Quad-band GSM




240x260 pixels




Large candy bar
114x56x20mm / 120 grams









Battery life:

4 hours talk / 8 days standby

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