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Nokia 6270

 Nokia 6270 open Available now
13th June 2005
Amended 14th June 2005

A close relative of the Nokia 6280, the Nokia 6270 is a 2G sliding phone with a large 240x320 pixel 262,000 colour display, 2 megapixel digital camera and Bluetooth. Unusually for a Nokia, the 6270 is a quad-band GSM phone for maximum worldwide compatibility. In addition to GPRS data, the 6270 also supports EDGE for near-3G speeds of up to 236.8 kbps (where available).

It's actually larger and heavier than its 3G sibling, at 104x50x23mm and 125 grams, but it does come with stereo speakers and an FM radio, plus a media player capable of playing back MP3, AAC and other media files, plus support for Nokia's "Visual Radio" service.

Internally available memory is just 9Mb, and in fact Nokia initially neglected to mention the fact that the 6270 has expandable memory at all. But according to the data sheet, the 6270 is bundled with a 128Mb SD card although the maximum memory capacity is not known.

 Nokia 6270 closed There are all the usual features such as a web browser, Java support and an email client, and Nokias have always come with some useful personal information management functions.

Nokia's PR department shot itself in the foot with this one by stating that it only had 9Mb of memory available. In fact, with the removable memory the Nokia 6270 is a serious rival to handsets such as the Sony Ericsson K750i, and indeed the 6270 comes with a better display, thanks in part to the sliding mechanism.

Although most recent Nokia handsets of this type run Symbian Series 60 (technically making them smartphones), the 6270 runs an upgraded version of the more basic Series 40 operating system. We don't think this is a problem at all - most people don't use the smartphone functionality of this type of handset, although we are a little surprised to see that Nokia have changed direction a little with these devices.

Nokia say that the 6270 should be available in Q4 2005 at an estimated unsubsidised cost of 300.

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Nokia 6270 at a glance


Q4 2005


Quad-band GSM




240x320 pixels, 262,000 colours


2 megapixels


Large slider
104x50x23mm / 125 grams









Battery life:

3-5 hours talk / 8 days standby


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