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Nokia 3660

10th October 2003 

Nokia 3660The Nokia 3360 is the replacement for the popular Nokia 3650 camera phone, in a similar  package but with some nice enhancements to make it a better phone.

The first thing to notice is that the Nokia 3660 has a more conventional keypad layout than the 3650, but other than that it is very similar with an identical weight of 130 grams and measuring 130x57x26mm (picture is approximate size when displayed on a 72dpi monitor).

One of the strong points of the 3650 was the large colour screen at 176x208 pixels. The Nokia 3660 improves on the old screen by using 65,000 colours instead of the 4,000 on the old one, which is useful when displaying pictures. 

The camera on the Nokia 3660  is basically the same as the 3650, boasting a fairly average 640x480 resolution, plus a video capture and playback facility. For a camera phone, this is pretty reasonable, but as yet no mobile handsets outside of Japan yet offer a truly decent camera.

The Nokia 3660 is a tri-band GSM phone, supporting GPRS and HSCSD data connections, it has an XHTML browser, email support, MMS and other messaging options. The Nokia 3660 supports Bluetooth and infra-red connections.

Video playback is something the 3660 seems to be good at, supporting MPEG-4, RealOne and other formats. The Nokia 3660 supports MIDI and WAV polyphonic ringtones, plus a range of Symbian and Java applications and games. Internal memory is just 3.4Mb, but there is an add-in 64Mb card which is probably a must-have.

Talktime on the Nokia 3660's standard battery is 2 to 4 hours and standby is 150 hours to 200 hours, meaning that the phone is probably more suited to the leisure market than business, which might also be unhappy with the 3660's strange looks.

All-in-all the Nokia 3660 is a capable camera phone, but it's not a huge improvement over the 3650, however, the Nokia 3650 was always going to be a hard act to follow.

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