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Pirelli Discus DualPhone DP L10

 Pirelli Discus DualPhone DP L10 Discontinued
25th April 2006

So far we've seen very few mobile handsets that integrate VOIP (Voice Over IP) and GSM communications in the same handset, the forthcoming Nokia E-Series spring to mind. Typically, these hybrid handsets are very high end phones that have had WiFi and VOIP capabilities added on.

Pirelli are a company best known for their tyres and that calendar, but they also have a broadband data division amongst other high-tech operations. The Pirelli Discus DualPhone DP L10 is the latest addition to a wide range of specialist and commercial wireless ethernet products, although it's not exactly an easy to remember name.

So, instead of adding VOIP to a high end GSM phone, the DualPhone approach appears to be to take a VOIP phone and add GSM capabilities. Pirelli have designed the DP L10 to SIP-based VOIP in a suitable 802.11g WiFi environment, either with Pirelli's own networking infrastructure or a compatible system from another vendor. You can even centrally manage of pool of Pirelli DualPhone handsets with Pirelli's own software.

It sounds complicated, but Pirelli are aiming the DualPhone DP L10 at consumers as well as businesses. Presumably it's easier to make it all work if you also buy the Pirelli routers and access points, which include everything from wireless ADSL gateways up to impressive looking multimedia gateways that support HDTV (see their range here).

 Pirelli DP L10 We've seen dedicated VOIP handsets before though, but what makes the DualPhone DP L10 a little different is that it's also a tri-band GSM phone. It's a pretty basic device when it comes to being a mobile phone though - there's a 128x128 pixel display in 65,000 colours, a VGA resolution (0.3 megapixel) camera, email client, web browser and some basic PIM functionality but that's about it. It's compact for a hybrid GSM/WiFi phone though, at just 106x46x18mm.

As a phone, the Pirelli Discus DualPhone DP L10 looks basic compared to the competition, which consists of a range of high-end smartphones, mostly from HTC and Nokia. But compared to dedicated VOIP handsets, the DualPhone DP L10 is much more versatile, so it rather depends on which angle you're coming from.

Probably the most important consideration with the DP L10 will be ease of use though, and it's hard to say at the moment just how easy the DualPhone will be to set up in a corporate or home environment. Certainly though, the fact that the handset is designed from the ground up as a VOIP device, plus the complementary range of wireless kit that it can be integrated with, gives us the impression that this might well be a serious contender in the VOIP market.

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Pirelli Discus DualPhone DP L10 at a glance




GSM 900/1800/1900 + VOIP




128x128 pixels, 65K colours


0.3 megapixels


Standard candy bar
106x46x18mm / weight not specified









Battery life:

Not specified


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