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Sony Ericsson V630i

 Sony Ericsson V630i Expected June 2006
28th May 2006
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The Sony Ericsson V630i is a lightweight 3G phone baded on the Sony Ericsson K610i handset. It comes with a 176x220 pixel display, 2 megapixel digital camera and expandable memory (using Memory Stick Micro cards) but weighs just 91 grams.

The V630i is functionally identical to the K610i except the Vodafone branding and menus, and the inclusion of something called "Radio DJ" which is tied in with Vodafone's 3G downloads service. Because it is based on the K610i, we expect that the V630i will be an equally capable handset. A sort of 3G version of the K750i, if you like.

 Sony Ericsson V630i In Mobile Gazette's opinion though, even though the V630i is a good looking phone, we think that it's a very bad idea for Vodafone. And although Vodafone are probably slapping themselves on the back about getting this so-called "exclusive" from Sony Ericsson, they may later regret this move.

Why do we think the V630i is a bad idea? Simple - we believe the the K610i is going to be a truly huge seller. The sort of phone that might finally bring 3G into the mainstream - it's a handset that offers all of the advantages of 3G, but in a nifty 2G-style package. But even though the V630i is essentially identical to the K610i, it isn't called the K610i. Which means that whatever buzz Sony Ericsson can make with regards to the K610i isn't going to help Vodafone shift their own-brand version one bit.

This has happened before. When Sony Ericsson launched the K750i, T-Mobile came out with an "exclusive" version called the D750i. Most customers didn't realise that the D750i and K750i were basically the same thing, so it appeared to many customers that T-Mobile simply didn't have the K750i in their range. T-Mobile have not repeated this mistake.

Now, Vodafone has had some interesting exclusive deals before - for example with the Sharp 903 and VK Mobile VK570. However, the V630i really a true "exclusive" and all that Vodafone are doing is damaging their range for the sake of vanity. Oh yes, it's a good looking phone. It just doesn't say "K610i" on it.

Discuss this handset in our forum
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Sony Ericsson V630i at a glance


Q3 2006


UMTS 2100 + GSM 900/1900/1900




176x220 pixels, 262k colours


2.0 megapixels (main)
0.3 megapixels (sub)


Medium candy bar
102x45x17mm / 91 grams









Battery life:

2.5-7 hours talk / 14-16 days standby


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