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NEC E101

31st October 2004

 NEC E101 Last month we reported the first rumours of the NEC E101 handset, and we judged by the looks of the handset that this would be a 2.5G device closely based on the NEC N110, and as it turns out from NEC's official specifications, we were pretty much correct.

The NEC E101 is a compact, tri-band GSM phone available exclusively on the O2 network operating in the UK, Ireland and Germany. In specification terms the NEC E101 is nothing special (although more of this in a moment), but what is interesting is that the E101 is a rare NEC GSM handset in Europe, which until now has mostly been 3G plus a few i-mode devices.

 NEC E101 closed This is a compact clamshell, weighing just 80 grams and measuring 84x45x24mm. Specifications are pretty average, with a 128x160 pixel display in 65,000 colours, external monochrome display with 96x64 pixels, a VGA resolution camera with 4X digital zoom next to the battery, Java for games, 16 chord polyphonic ringtones, GPRS (class 10), a WAP 2.0 browser, MMS and predictive text messaging. The E101 has 1.5Mb of internal memory and a maximum talktime of just over 3 hours with 8 days standby.

It's a competent package rather than an exciting one, and the main selling point from a features point of view is the light weight - this isn't a bad handset at all for something that just weighs 80 grams.

The second selling point for the NEC E101 is that it's aimed at the O2 Pay-As-You-Go market, and offers full access to the O2 Active service, competing primarily with the Samsung E600 and O2 X2, so we'd expect it to come in at around 180/280, and it should be available from November 2004.

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NEC E101 at a glance


Q4 2004


Tri-band GSM


GPRS (Class 10)


128x160 pixels, 65,000 colours (main)
96x64 pixels, monochrome (sub)


640x480 pixels


Compact clamshell
84x45x24mm / 80 grams




Not specified





Battery life:

3 hours talk / 8 days standby


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