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Motorola KRZR K1m

 Motorola KRZR K1m Expected Q3/Q4 2006
25th July 2006

The Motorola KRZR K1m is a CDMA version of the Motorola KRZR K1, but with a twist. Although on the surface, the KRZR K1m looks identical to the K1, it's a very different handset underneath.

First of all, the KRZR K1m is a CDMA 800/1900 device, with 1xEV-DO data support. This means that the KRZR K1m is effectively a 3G device.. but it comes in a 2.5G package.

High speed data access is not the only thing that the KRZR K1m comes with - it also integrates GPS satellite positioning, which means that the KRZR K1m can deliver a variety of location-based services. The KRZR K1m also adds touch-sensitive multimedia controls on the outside of the device. However, unlike the GSM-based K1, the K1m only has a 1.3 megapixel camera.

It's a much narrower device that the existing V3m (essentially a CDMA version of the V3i), but it's also taller and thicker, so overall the volume and weight of the K1m and V3m are pretty much the same.

Although the size and weight of the Motorola KRZR K1m have not been confirmed at the time of going to press, we understand that it's a little larger and heavier than the K1, but it's still a very attractive looking handset.

Motorola say that the K1m should be available sometime during the second half of 2006.

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