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Sony Ericsson K790 & K800 "Cybershot" Phones

 Sony Ericsson K800 Discontinued
1st March 2006

First we saw the "Walkman" range of Sony Ericsson phones, and now Sony Ericsson present the "Cybershot" range, using another Sony sub-brand to apply to this new range of 3.2 megapixel camera phones.

The K790 and K800 are almost identical, except the K800 (pictured) is a 3G phone with a secondary video camera (in the top grille), and the K790 is an EDGE handset. All other characteristics are the same.

The main feature with the K790 and K800 is the camera - a 3.2 megapixel unit with autofocus, an image stabilizer, Xenon flash and Bluetooth printing. There's a neat feature called "BestPic", which takes 9 pictures at once so you can choose the best one.

Go beyond the camera, and this is a pretty typical high-end camera phone, with a 240x320 pixel display in 262,000 colours, Bluetooth, expandable memory on Memory Stick Micro cards, an FM radio, WAP 2.0 browser, email client, MP3 player, QuickShare plus an RSS news reader (Mobile Gazette also carries an RSS feed).

It's a pretty standard size for a candy bar, at 105x47x22mm and 115 grams. The physical dimensions are the same for the 3G and EDGE models. Talktime on GSM is 7 hours with 14 days standby, on 3G this drops to 2.5 hours talktime. In terms of looks, the SE K790 and K800 looks like a typical Sony Ericsson device, although it's not the most exciting looking handset in Sony Ericsson's range, although the back of the K790/K800 does look suitably like a digital camera.

 Sony Ericsson K800i The K790 will be available in a K790a 850/1800/1900 MHz GSM configuration for the Americas, a K790c 900/1800/1900 MHz model for mainland China, plus a K790i 900/1800/1900 model for the rest of the world. The K800 will be available in two UMTS 2100 plus 900/1800/1900 GSM configurations, the K800c for China and the K800i for the rest of the world.

It's all very well branding a phone with "Cybershot", but it doesn't necessarily mean that the camera is any good. However, the Sony Ericsson K750's 2 megapixel camera is widely regarded as being one of the best around, so the 3.2 megapixel unit in the K790 and K800 looks very promising indeed.

Sony Ericsson say that both models should be available from Q2 2006 in the pictured "Velvet Black" colour.

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Sony Ericsson K790 / K800 at a glance


Q2 2006


GSM 900/1800/1900 (K790i & K790c)
GSM 850/1800/1900 (K790a)
UMTS 2100 + GSM 900/1800/1900 (K800a & K800c)


GPRS + EDGE (K790)
UMTS (3G) + GPRS (K800)


240x320 pixels, 262k colours


3.2 megapixels


Medium clamshell
105x47x22mm / 115 grams









Battery life:

7 hours talk / 14 days standby (GSM)
2.5 hours talk / 14 days standby (3G)


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