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 O2 XDA iQ Available now
13th April 2006

The O2 XDA iQ is O2's take on the HTC Tornado handset, a relatively compact Windows Mobile 5.0 device with built-in WiFi that weighs just 110 grams.

The HTC Tornado has actually been available for some time as the i-Mate SP5 and Qtek 8310 but this is the first mainstream branded version of the Tornado we've seen. (Yes, we know this is available as the Vodafone V1240 but Vodafone don't seem to be interesting in selling it to consumers. Or businesses for that matter.)

So, what does the O2 XDA iQ offer that previous Windows smartphones haven't. Well, most of the handset is pretty conventional. There's a 2.2" 240x320 pixel display in 64,000 colours, a 1.3 megapixel camera, stereo Bluetooth and a mini SD expansion slot (internal memory is 64Mb). Windows Mobile 5.0 is a pretty well-know software package, and this implementation seems to hold no real surprises. It's a quand-band GSM phone with GPRS and EDGE (where available) data support.

 O2 XDA iQ However, what makes the O2 XDA iQ interesting is the inclusion of WiFi, all wrapped up in a package that looks pretty much like a conventional mobile phone, weighing 110 grams and measuing 109x47x19mm.

It's pretty good for a conventional Windows smartphone package, and in our opinion it shows why HTC is carving up with Windows smartphone market pretty much for itself. However, since the HTC Tornado was first rumoured last summer, a lot a developments have happened in this market segment, and the O2 XDA iQ will shortly find itself up against the likes of the Sony Ericsson M600i and Nokia E-Series. The M600i  is an interesting comparison, because it's roughly the same weight, has a much larger screen (and it's touch sensitive), an enhanced keyboard and 3G.. on the other hand, it doesn't have WiFi or a camera but overall the M600i looks to be a more accomplished package. Mind you, at the time of going to press you can't actually buy an M600i or E-series, which is pretty much a clincher in favour of the XDA iQ.

It's a good handset, and users of other HTC Tornado models seem to be happy with them. Although it lacks the "all you can eat" technology of the HTC Universal, the XDA iQ demonstrates O2's commitment to the Windows platform on mobile phones and it is a highly competitive offering.

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O2 XDA iQ (HTC Tornado) at a glance




Quad-band GSM




240x320 pixels, 64,000 colours


1.3 megapixels


Medium candy bar
109x47x19mm / 110 grams









Battery life:

4 hours talk / 8 days standby


Windows Mobile 5.0 for smartphone


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