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Nokia E-Series Handsets

 Nokia E-Series Available now
12th October 2005

The Nokia E-Series consists of three business-orientated 3G handsets, sharing some technologies with the N-Series, drawing on technologies from other Nokia handsets and taking some inspiration from elsewhere too!

We'll cover all of these new handsets in more depth later on - but first a quick overview of the devices being announced today.

Nokia E61

The most radical design departure we've seen from Nokia for a long time - the E61 has a similar design concept to the traditional Blackberry layout or Motorola Moto Q. The impressive feature set includes quad band GSM, 3G, WiFi, expandable memory and the Symbian Series 60 operating system, in addition to the QWERTY keyboard and large 320x240 pixel display. Nokia deliberately excluded the camera from the E61. As you might expect from the E61's appearance, it supports internet (POP3/IMAP/SMTP) mail plus a variety of push email services such as Blackberry and Visto.

Nokia E70

The Nokia E70 clearly takes its inspiration from the Nokia 6800 series of devices. Again, it's a Symbian Series 60 3G phone with WiFi, but it's also related to the Nokia N90 with a similar 352x416 pixel high density display and a 2 megapixel camera, plus expandable memory. Push email is supported in the E70 too. This is possibly the handset long-rumoured as the Nokia 6830.

Nokia E60

The most conventional looking handset in the E-Series range, the 117 gram Nokia E60 is could easily be mistaken for a run-of-the-mill business handset, but it's also a 3G phone with WiFi, and the 325x416 pixel display from the E70 and N90 is here too. There's also push email support and the Symbian Series 60 OS and expandable memory. Again, the camera has been left off the E60 which means that the handset can be carried into secure areas without any problems.

These are three pretty remarkable phones in their own right, and it's difficult to find fault with them. Perhaps the specification for the E60 is overkill, and one thing we'd really like to see is a new Communicator following on from the 9300 and 9500 devices, but perhaps that's still in the works.

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