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Sagem my750C / myMobileTV 2

 Sagem my750C Expected Q2 2007
27th February 2007

The Sagem my750C is another 3GSM launch, and it goes some way to prove that the better known manufacturers don't have a monopoly on interesting handsets.

At first glance the Sagem my750C looks like a conventional if quite stylish clamshell in a sort of RAZResque overall design. Then, you'll notice that the screen on the my750C swivels around, something we haven't seen much of in phones except for Japanese handsets such as the Sharp 902.

But there is a reason that Sagem dub this the myMobileTV 2 - the my750C comes with a DVB-H receiver built in so that it can receive free-to-air digital TV broadcasts.

Yes, the my750C / myMobileTV 2 or whatever Sagem want to call it isn't the first DVB-H handset to market, but it is possible the most compact and "normal" looking. One trick that Sagem have managed is to build the antenna into the shell, which is something that would have been nice in the Samsung F510.

Working in landscape or portrait mode, the Samsung my750C automatically detects its orientation and changes the picture to suit, and it will also change the brightness in accordance to the ambient lighting, which is the sort of thing you'd find in a high-end TV set, rather than a moble device such as the myMobileTV 2. A minor feature (but one that show attention to detail) are the set of non-slip feet on the outside of the case to stop the my750C sliding about when you're watching TV on the move.


 Sagem myMobileTV Other than the DVB-H receiver, the Sagem my750C has a 240x320 pixel display, 2 megapixel camera, microSD expandable memory (with 25MB internally) and a multimedia player. The myMobileTV 2/ my750C has stereo Bluetooth too.

So, the Sagem my750C has a lot of good points - and one other one is that Sagem phones usually offer very good value for money. But one bad point is that this is strictly a GSM/GPRS handset, which means that the my750C can't play streaming 3G media which is a bit of a shame.

With this handset, Sagem have joined a very exclusive club. Of the major manufacturers, only Nokia and Samsung have come up with DVB-H handsets. Sony Ericsson does have a "Bravia" branded FOMA device for sale in Japan only, but we suspect that there will be a Bravia handset in Europe within a few months. So, that leaves Motorola without anything in the DVB-H field.. and it's an open secret that Motorola are interested in buying Sagem's mobile business if the price is right.

Sagem say that the my750C / myMobileTV 2 should be available from the second quarter of 2007.

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Sagem my750C / myMobileTV 2 at a glance


Q2 2007


GSM 900/1800/1900




240x320 pixels, 262k colours (main)


2 megapixels


Size/weight tbc



Memory card:








Battery life:

5 hours talk / standby tbc


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